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… Baby Sleep School is our online video course designed to educate new and expecting parents on, you guessed it, baby sleep.

We’d like to offer you Baby Sleep School at a serious discount for a very limited time. You’ll discover how to help your baby get more sleep, so you can get more sleep, too.


Help your baby get to sleep

Learn tools and techniques for soothing, safety, and survival

Face the fear-nado

Learn how to help your child be a better sleeper

Meet your Guides

Baby Sleep School is taught by:

Dr. Natalie Barnett, PhD

The cornerstone of Baby Sleep School, Dr. Natalie is a pediatric sleep expert and head of research at Nanit

John Doht

Father of two, the face of Fathercraft, John knows 23 bedtime books by heart (world record?)

Want help with more than sleep? Check out our flagship online course Father’s Ed. It includes all this info and lots more.

Fact or Fiction?

All babies

can learn

how to sleep.

— Dr. Natalie Barnett, PHD

You can teach your child how to sleep

We’ll show you how

Expert advice in an Australian accent

A comprehensive curriculum

Know what to buy and what to skip

Actionable checklists & resources

Dr. Barnett has gone a long way towards helping us

feel more confident.

— Chris F, Rockville, VA

Lesson Plan


Vocabulary primer, sleep training methods, Cat Stevens

Sleep Safety: reducing the risk of SIDS & SUID

Minimize the risk of these maximally terrifying acronyms

Infant & newborns sleep—what to expect

What’s unique about sleep in the first 3-4 months of life

The building blocks of great sleep

Garbage bags make awesome blackout curtains

Schedules and nighttime routines

Pacifiers, bedtime routines, sleep independence, snakes

Teach your baby to be a great sleeper

Sleep training and getting your baby to self-soothe

Baby sleep: fact or fiction

Exactly what it sounds like

Gear for sleep

Cribs, baby monitors, robotic bassinets


How to swaddle, why sleep sacks are awesome

Recap & resources

Additional resources we can’t live without

Note: Course contents of Baby Sleep School are included in our flagship online course for dads-to-be – Father’s Ed.

Rest easy, you’ve got this

Enroll in Baby Sleep School

The FAQs of Life

How long do I have to complete the course?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course. If your baby isn’t born yet, we recommend watching Baby Sleep School before she’s born—you’ll have the basics down, and you’re going to have less time when the baby is here. But the nice thing about baby sleep online training is that you’ll be able to come back and reference any time.

Can I add Baby Sleep School to my registry?

If you’re using Babylist, just use their bookmark bar tool to add Baby Sleep School (be sure to enter the price.)

Can I give the course as a gift?

Absolutely. Gifting Baby Sleep School is a great way to tell your husband/boyfriend/son-in-law he should be terrified about sleep after the baby comes (but also offer something to do about it). Just sign up as yourself, email us ( and we’ll transfer the membership to him.

My baby’s already born, should I take the course?

Much of Baby Sleep School will be helpful and relevant if your baby is 1-4 months old and has not yet started sleep training, but not all of it. Seeing as you’ve already probably purchased gear, you may find less value in that lesson.

What if I’m unhappy with the course?

We’ll build a gigantic pillow fort and go in there and cry, probably. But, if you’re unhappy for any reason, just let us know, we’ll refund you. We offer a 30-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

What happens if I need help or have a question?

We’re here for you. We can’t answer medical questions, but your pediatrician can.

What payment options do you offer? Is there a payment plan?

We offer all major forms of credit card. At this time we can only accept payment in U.S. dollars. You can pay all at once, or split your course purchase into 4 equal monthly payments.

Can I really learn how to get my baby to sleep through a course?

There are many factors that go into how and when babies sleep. Is there a magic how to get baby to sleep course that will solve all your problems? No, But our course, Baby Sleep School, is designed to teach you the fundamental knowledge that can lead to more sleep for everyone in your household, and give you the confidence and plan to figure it out.

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