COVID-19 Resources for Parents

COVID-19 Resources for Parents

As a parents ourselves, we’ve found it hard to sort through the tidal wave of information that’s surrounded this Coronavirus pandemic and find info specific to babies and kids. And we also know that from what we remember of us before we were dads, this thing is about 5,000% scarier than it would’ve been without kids …

So, we’ve compiled a few rock-solid resources we’ve found helpful.

Please note: information is changing quickly, make sure your source is up to date!

COVID-19 and babies/kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics put out this resource with info on how this is affecting babies, kids, and more. [March 12th, 2020]

The American Academy of Pediatrics on recommendations surrounding home births [April 20th, 2020]

Happiest Baby’s Dr. Karp wrote this blog post from a pediatrician’s perspective on what parents should know. [Updated March 20th, 2020]

The American Academy of Pediatrics is working on this study of Coronavirus in children—PDF here. [March 16th, 2020]

ProPublica wrote this article on COVID-19 effects on pregnancy, birth, and newborns. [March 19th, 2020]

Happiest Baby wrote this blog post of FAQs on COVID-19 and pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. [April 2nd, 2020, updated regularly]

How to parent in the time of pandemic

A few years ago, HuffPost wrote this listicle on 101 “boredom-busting” things for grandparents to do with grandkids, we like repurposing it now because they’re all about MacGyver’ing stuff you probably already have in your house or apartment. [from 2016, still applies today]

NY Times on 11 questions parents may have on COVID-19 [March 9th, 2020]

The New York Times wrote this piece on playdates and birthday parties—are they safe? [March 13th, 2020]

General Coronavirus information from trusted sources

Johns Hopkins Medicine put together this short infographic on COVID-19 in general. [March 2020]

New York Times Coronavirus coverage—everything from, “is it safe to go to the grocery store?” to live maps. [Updated frequently]

We’re gonna get through this, you’re doing great.

Editor’s Note: this blog post was originally published March 21st, 2020, but was updated April 2nd with additional information.

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