A bag engineered from the ground up for dads.


Functional, versatile, and comfortable.

Oh, and handsome. Just like you.

Sure, you’re secure enough to rock a polka-dot Kate Spade diaper bag. 

Those tiny little chicken-wire straps did a number on co-founder John’s shoulders

But that doesn’t mean you should have to. 

The parenting industrial complex wants you to buy more crap that you’ll only use for a few years and then throw away or take to the Goodwill.

We wanted something different. A more efficient and practical bag that looks good.
A bag you can repurpose and get some value out of.
And that doesn’t mark you as a dad.

Your options for diaper bags just aren't that great. And if you're a dad, things get worse.

The shitty diaper bag continuum

The 2 equally crappy dad-bag options

The Fathercraft bag is the sweet spot—it looks good, works incredibly well, and will grow with you and your kid.

Hi, we're Fathercraft.

A company founded by two dads to help other dads like us.

L-R: co-founder John (Uncle Duck), Kenzie (Paul’s daughter), co-founder Paul

9 years ago, our co-founders John and Paul began the journey into parenthood around the same time. Being brothers-in-law, they had lots of dinner table conversations about being a dad, and they each had been hunting for resources for new dads and coming up short. 

3 years later, Fathercraft was born. We review products and create online courses—stuff that makes parenting even more awesome. 

These kids (two of ours, Oliver and Kenzie) agree.

This is the company we wish we’d found when becoming dads. And this is the diaper bag we wish we’d had, too. 

The Fathercraft Bag blends form and function to fit the multiple roles you play.

1. Organized dad on-the-go

Functionality comes in the form of pockets galore: big ones, small ones, zippered ones, mesh ones. Waterproof ones for electronics, secret ones for your inner spy. 

Parenting comes with a lot of stuff. This bag holds it all. 

When your child is a baby, it’s a diaper bag. When they’re a toddler or elementary school kid, it’s a bag to take to the park, packed with extra clothes and snacks. You can take it on hikes, on outings, wherever life takes you.

2. Stylish dad who likes options

Wear the Fathercraft bag as a backpack or as a messenger bag.  

It’s easy to switch back and forth between the two.

As a dad, your needs often come last. But that doesn’t mean they’re non-existent. And, they can co-exist with your baby’s in The Fathercraft Bag.

Inside the roomy main compartment, you’ll find a removable, 7-pocket accordion insert and grab-n-go storage cube. 

The grab-and-go storage is especially awesome — you can leave it behind at daycare or on playdates.

The oversized changing pad slides easily, yet securely, into the backpack straps stow compartment for easy, one-handed access at any time.

3. Dad who cares about the details

We used premium materials throughout—from Cordura nylon to Fidlock magnetic buckles—every. single. detail. was meticulously considered and designed to exacting standards.

4. Creature of comfort

You can’t be the effortless cool dad you want to be if you’re drowning in sweat, red-faced and chafed from carrying around baby gear in a crappy bag. 

With breathable material, comfortable straps, soft handles, and the ability to adjust so its juuuust right, wearing this bag all day at the zoo will feel like a walk in the park. And a walk in the park feel like something even easier than a walk in the park. 

5. Smooth operator

If you have a diaper bag that’s narrow and deep and only opens at the top, it’s hard to grab what you need. You want to be able to get in quickly from all sides. This bag features easy zipper access both at the top AND the sides, making it easy to find, grab, and go.  

For those mad dashes through the airport, there’s a luggage pass-through on the back that slides over the handle of your roller bag.

One more thing. Let’s face it, regardless of how smooth you are, stuff happens.

These kids (two of ours, Oliver and Kenzie) agree.

It’s ok. Keep your cool. Just rinse with water.

Wipe it down.

And receive subtle nods of approval from other cool dads.

We've been thinking and dreaming about this bag for a long time.

We started with this: what do dads want in a bag? After lots of sketching and planning, we partnered with Carry-ology award-winning design firm Byde Studio to bring the project to life. (Carry-ology is like the Oscars for bag design.)

Our designers explored ideas with CAD modeling. There were late-night conversations, ideating and sketching, getting ideas and feedback from other parents. We considered hundreds of different options for fabrics, buckles, straps, and zippers.

And we’ve gone through 7 physical prototypes. One was gigantic.

And some weren’t as usable as we wanted them to be, but we kept refining. 

And now, the bag you see here is the result of that labor of love. Iteration upon iteration until we got it just right.





That, ladies and gentlemen, is The Fathercraft Bag.

It’s been 5 years in the making, and we can’t wait to get it into your hands. 


  • 500D PU coated Cordura main fabric
  • 70D Urethane coated ripstop liner
  • Coated YKK Weatherproof Reverse Coil zippers throughout
  • Hypalon touch points throughout
  • Hypalon reinforcements in high wear areas
  • Aluminum attachment hardware
  • Fidlock main closure
  • External quick access zipper to main compartment
  • Large configurable main compartment
  • Large stretch woven compression panel for main compartment
  • Snap in accordion divider in main compartment
  • Quick stowage pocket at lid ideal for phone, keys, wallet, etc.
  • Large venting mesh pocket behind lid
  • Open stash pocket at front face
  • Two bottle pockets oriented for both backpack and messenger bag carry orientations
  • Quick side access pocket to reach cube module or into main compartment
  • Cube Module
    • Padded cube insert attached to inside of main compartment
    • Optional divider inside padded cube
    • Top and side access with quick grab handles
    • Stretch mesh pocket at side access for quick stow items
  • Side admin pocket with dividers
  • Messenger bag shoulder strap with clip for quick temporary storage
  • Backpack strap with clip for quick temporary storage
  • Padded weatherproof rear large laptop sleeve with independent zippered access
  • Capacity: 32.5 L (1976 cubic in.)
  • Dimensions: 13” L x 19” W x 8” D
  • Weight: 3 lbs, 11 oz.

Shipping & taxes

For the super-duper detail-obsessed

Even more about The Fathercraft Bag. Down to the itty-bitty details. 

Double-stitched storage loops

Laser-engraved accents throughout

Weather-sealed zippers

We've thought of it all

Environmental commitments

Long-lasting design

Unlike most diaper bags on the market, The Fathercraft Bag is designed to last for years and years. We’ve selected premium materials throughout—from shell fabric to zippers—and specifically designed the bag to be useful long after your child is out of diapers—to ensure you and your family can enjoy the bag for years to come, not toss it like happens with so many other diaper bags.

Reusability and recyclability

A funny thing happens when you have kids: you start caring about the planet even more than you did. That’s why we plan to ship Fathercraft Bags within the U.S. in recyclable plastic bags created by EcoEnclose, which is local to our HQ/distribution center.

Bag FAQs

Yes, we include our removable changing pads with every tier.

Nope, leather-free

This has been a long freaking journey. It’s almost done. We’re working closely with our factory and logistics partners to deliver this thing as quickly as we can. We’ve estimated December 2022. Sooner if we can.

Just one, baby. Heathered grey with dark-grey accents and black hardware.

We did a bunch of research around insulation and found that unless you spend a TON of money on materials to get stuff that actually works, most bags that say they have “insulated” pockets really just contain cheap foam that’s more marketing gimmick than actual insulation.

So, given that and not wanting to have to charge people more, we decided to focus on other features.

The Fathercraft Bag, however, will insulate YOU from looking like a total square.


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