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Father’s Ed: an online parenting course for dads-to-be

A comprehensive system to help you prepare for the birth of your child

Parenting books are great, but are you really going to read them? Learn by seeing parenting skills in action; watch John imitate The Count from Sesame Street. Just hearing this stuff before your baby is born will be helpful.

Over 80 pages filled with actionable checklists, helpful resources, key take-aways and room to take notes.

For everything from developmental milestones to sleep schedules and pre-birth paperwork must-dos.

Learn how to help your child become a great sleeper with Dr. Natalie Barnett, PhD, pediatric sleep expert and Director of Research at Nanit, and hear about car seat safety from an actual firefighter (filmed at the firehouse!)


What our customers are saying

Awesome videos that are well-researched and very informative. But is the accompanying workbook that is my favorite part. It’s packed with checklists and important facts, perfect for referencing while you watch the videos and after your baby arrives. Worth every penny!

Jeff P.

I’ve recommended it to all of my fellow expectant dads. It’s been the resource & community I hoped to find but didn’t expect to. Everything is well-researched and organized. I’ve relied heavily on the workbook in conjunction with the videos, particularly the checklists. My wife has starting using it, too.

Scott M.

My wife was rattled that I didn’t take the prenatal classes that were Via Zoom and I stumbled across your website and found it was significantly way more interesting to follow and digest the information. Had it playing on our TV and my wife loved the delivery of info.


100% recommend to any new family who is expecting. Easy and entertaining videos that can be watched after work… We signed up for three different online parenting/baby classes. This was easily the most comprehensive and the only one we stuck to watching.

Kate F.

Course Content

Lesson 1: An introduction (12:53)

Lesson 1: What to expect when (10:54)
Lesson 2: What you need to do when (9:30)

Lesson 1: Do this while your baby is buffering (10:52)
Lesson 2: Administrative (7:08)

Lesson 1: How to select a pediatrician (6:25)
Lesson 2: Getting the most from doctor’s visits (8:56)
Lesson 3: Health at home (8:20)
Lesson 4: Urgent health concerns to watch for (11:21)

Lesson 1: Touring hospitals and the birth plan (5:50)
Lesson 2: What to pack and last minute stuff (4:15)
Lesson 3: What to expect (15:22)

Lesson 1: How to adjust and not freak out (9:05)
Lesson 2: How to calm a crying baby and more (11:16)

Lesson 1: Hold your baby (8:54)
Lesson 2: Feed your baby (8:41)
Lesson 3: Change a diaper (6:39)
Lesson 4: Bathe and clothe your baby (7:04)
Lesson 5: Play and interact (8:00)

Lesson 1: Safety in the home (6:36)
Lesson 2: SIDS and SUID (5:51)
Lesson 3: Transporting your baby (8:31)

Lesson 1: Essential gear tips and tricks (3:52)
Lesson 2: Gear for cleaning, diapering, and health (6:58)
Lesson 3: Gear for feeding (4:02)
Lesson 4: Gear for moving your baby (4:57)
Lesson 5: Gear for sleep (5:27)
Lesson 6: Selecting a baby monitor (4:13)

Lesson 1: Newborns and sleep—what to expect (7:11)
Lesson 2: Building blocks of great sleep (8:43)
Lesson 3: Sleep skills and nighttime routines (15:47)
Lesson 4: How to make your baby a great sleeper (12:18)
Lesson 5: Fact or fiction? (3:07)

Lesson 1: Conclusion and next steps (6:12)

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