Perfect Monitor Buying Guide


Get all the info you need to choose the perfect baby monitor for your family.

4 in-depth videos, 2 PDF guides.

Perfect Monitor Buying Guide

Things would be a lot simpler if there was one baby monitor to rule them all. But, we aren’t in Middle Earth.

Instead we live in a world of near infinite baby monitor choices.

And one with fake Amazon reviews, useless product features, and different monitors being a better fit for different families.

So, get help finding the perfect baby monitor for your family with this buying guide.

You’ll learn:

  • How to choose between wifi and radio frequency
  • The most important features to consider (and what to ignore)
  • The best monitors by picture quality, sound quality, and user experience
  • What to look for with alerts, why background audio matters, and why mounting matters

In this video buying guide, you’ll get 4 in-depth, but fun and organized videos, and 2 PDFs: one that compares top monitors across a plethora of features, one that walks you through the app experience of our top two wifi picks.

Plus, a fun bonus: an exclusive video Q&A with Andrew Tui (aka Dadverb).

Learn more about our Perfect Monitor Buying Guide here

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