Extra Father’s Ed Workbook


5.00 out of 5

Our 82-page spiral-bound companion guide to Father’s Ed, our online video course for expecting dads. The workbook is included for free when you buy Father’s Ed, but you can buy it here as a standalone item.

Extra Father’s Ed Workbook

The Father’s Ed Workbook is the spiral-bound companion guide to Father’s Ed, our online course for expecting dads.

The workbook is shipped free with Father’s Ed for all customers in the U.S.

But you can also buy the workbook as a standalone item, grab an extra one, or have one shipped outside the U.S. here.

In the workbook you’ll find:

  • 82 pages full of info for new parents, organized into 9 convenient sections covering everything from labor & delivery to selecting a pediatrician to gear, and much more
  • Checklists galore
  • Links to supplemental resources

While we think the workbook pairs best with the course, it’s pretty darn solid on its own, too. In fact, Erica, partner to one of our Father’s Ed course takers, had this to say:

“Hey guys,

My husband signed up for your course, and The Workbook arrived yesterday—which I promptly stole from him and read all in one sitting.

It’s like, everything I ever wanted in baby info. Succinct. Straightforward. Hilarious. I wish the 900,000 mommy bloggers would take a page from your book—literally.

Anyways, just wanted to say, GOOD SHIT. I know your whole thing is by dads, for dads. But as a mom-to-be, this was super helpful.

Here’s to a lifetime of not killing our child!”

Like all our stuff, the Father’s Ed workbook comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

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