A Miku Baby Monitor Review (+ Comparison to Nanit Plus)

May 14, 2019

Is the Miku worth its $400 price point? How well does its app work? How does it compare to the Nanit Plus? We explore this and more in our in-depth Miku review.

The Miku is the newest big offering in the smart baby monitor space. It’s got some really cool features and some really cool tech inside. It’s also a wifi baby monitor and uses your smartphone or tablet plus the Miku app as a parent unit.

In our review, we explore some of the features the monitor has to offer, discuss video and audio quality, and compare the Miku to another of our favorite monitors, the Nanit Plus. Dive into the video for our detailed thoughts, feature demonstrations, and comparisons.

Links from the video:
Our Nanit Plus review:
Our best baby monitors of 2019 video:

Shop Miku and Nanit Plus*:
Miku (Amazon): 
Nanit Plus: 

Learn more about baby monitors at Fathercraft: /monitors 

Tablet stand John used to create a DIY monitor stand*: https://amzn.to/30mHWV5

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