Can you use a Nest Cam as a baby monitor? (Watch before buying!)

Feb 24, 2019

The Nest Cam is a great security camera. But, can you use it as a baby monitor? We answer and explain why.

If you’re like many parents to be, you’ve wondered, “Can I use a Nest Cam as a baby monitor?” It’s a question we’ve been asked many times here at Fathercraft. And it’s easy to understand why–Nest Cam Indoor is a slick piece of tech that connects via wifi and allows you use your phone to connect to your camera.

But, it’s missing a key feature that would make it a viable baby monitor. We explain what that is and why it’s so crucial.

And none of this is based on conjecture–we spent months testing the Nest Cam as a baby monitor to understand what it did well, what it did poorly, and ultimately whether it was viable as a baby monitor.

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