Colugo Complete Stroller Review [New for 2020]

Aug 16, 2020

The Colugo Complete Stroller is here! This is the full-sized stroller offering from Colugo, the company called the “Warby Parker of baby gear” and maker of a compact stroller and a baby carrier. In addition to being bigger, it offers an infant kit and travel system, and is compatible with many pumpkin seat car seats from major brands.

In this Colugo Complete review, we explore: Is the stuff that makes the Colugo Complete, like how easy that stroller folds, present in the Colugo Complete?

  • How does this stroller perform and handle?
  • What’s the cargo capacity like?
  • What’s included in the infant kit and travel kit?
  • When you might want to choose the Colugo Compact vs the Colugo Complete?
  • We also compare the size and weight of the Colugo Complete to a couple of other similar strollers in its class.

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