Cubo Ai Baby Monitor Review [updated for 2020]​

Jul 5, 2020

In this Cubo Ai baby monitor review, we dive deep into this smart baby monitor offering from Cubo. How does the Cubo baby monitor perform? How easy is it to set up? Does it compare to more expensive options like the Nanit and Miku?

The Cubo baby monitor includes some interesting features such as rollover and covered face detection, various mounting options (although one key one is missing, we’ll explore that in the video), a “danger zone detection”, automatic photo capture and more. We explore which of these features are great, and which could still use some work in this review.

We’ll also walk through setting up the Cubo, the Cubo app for iOS and Android, video and audio quality and more.

We also compare the Cubo to some wifi baby monitor options like the Nanit and the Miku, and discuss the pros and cons of each one.

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