Nanit Breathing Wear review [2020 edition]

Mar 15, 2020

The Nanit Plus was our best baby monitor of 2019. But, does it continue to stand head and shoulders above a crowded field? And, what about their new Breathing Wear line? We investigate in our Nanit Plus review and Nanit Breathing Wear review.

In our review, John explores what we love about the Nanit Plus, does a quick dive into some of the Nanit features, reviews a few of the quirks and things we wish were different, and provides our final verdict for this wifi-enabled smart baby monitor and its new line of sleep sacks (Nanit Swaddles) and Breathing Bands that work with the Nanit’s computer vision to monitor breathing.

We also like the fact that Nanti’s Breathing Wear monitor’s breathing without the use of sensors that touch your baby’s skin (like exist in the Owlet’s sock). Additionally, while with some monitors that measure breathing the system is integrated, with the Nanit, Breathing Wear is an optional add on sold separately, so you have a choice in the matter and can add breathing monitoring after the fact. So we dig into some comparisons: Nanit Plus vs Miku, Nanit Plus vs Owlet Smart Sock 2, and Nanit Plus vs Cocoon Cam.

Like all of our baby monitor reviews (which you can find at /monitors), we spent weeks testing out this monitor to understand the awesome, the wish it was different, and a final verdict.

Links from this video:
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Shop Nanit Plus & Breathing Wear: *

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