Things you don't need for your baby

Oct 26, 2018

Let’s talk about some items that you simply don’t need at this stage in your baby’s life because they won’t provide you any value, won’t make your life easier, and simply aren’t safe. Number one: crib bumpers. These are a soft, pillowy liner around the perimeter of your baby’s crib. Why don’t you need one? They’re basically just a decoration.

Your baby’s movement is minimal, therefore crib bumpers are not worth it. A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics actually finds that crib bumpers are dangerous and greatly increase the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). On that point alone, they should be avoided at all costs. Number two: stuffed animals or lovies. We all think it’s super cute to see a baby with your favorite stuffed animal, but stuffed animals are potentially dangerous inside a baby’s crib. recommends not to add stuffed animals into your newborn crib. Your newborn baby cannot find its fingers or toes, let alone be able to grasp their stuffed animal. Number three: blankets. Just like stuffed animals, these are useless and can also be harmful to your infant who can easily become entangled in it. If you’re worried about your baby being cold, we recommend looking into swaddle blankets or a swaddle sack. Their names are ridiculous, but they are amazing items. Number four: co-sleeping items. guidelines are also against these, so make your own choice and do what’s best for your family. Number five: a copious amount of toys. Your baby has a hard enough time figuring out their hands and feet toys, so lots of toys are useless at the beginning and will only leave you with a basket of mess. If you get lots of toys, donate them. The last item on our list of things is baby proofing items. Hold on — what? We’re not saying you don’t need to baby proof your house – you just don’t need to do it at this stage. All right, that’s it. These are six items that Fathercraft recommends you hold off getting now or at all.
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