Unboxing and review of the Snoo Smart Sleeper

Jan 21, 2018

We had the opportunity to review the SNOO Smart Sleeper, which is basically a robotic bassinet. What’s in the box? Inside you’ll find your SNOO Basket along with small, medium, and large sleep sacks, and SNOO legs.

The sheets and sleep sacks are organic and there’s a soft cardboard baby to place the baby on. It’s really easy to assemble and no tools are required, which is always a big plus. The SNOO Smart Sleeper has a microphone to detect crying, a speaker system with three levels of custom white noise, a motor that can deliver three rocking levels, and controller app that works with smartphones. The sacks are actually swaddles and they come small, medium and large. Every newborn should fit. It’s the easiest swaddle we’ve ever used and we agree that this swaddle can really be put on in five seconds as advertised. Once your newborn is secured in the sack, push the start button located at the bottom of the Smart Sleeper to make it rock smoothly for three minutes. The app helps you control the levels of white noise. The SNOO Smart Sleeper calms your baby without any human interaction.

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