Your kid won’t get a driver’s license

For many of us, getting a driver’s license was a rite of passage around the age of 16. For our parents, this was likely a moment of mixed feelings. On the one hand, “wow, Junior can drive himself to Billy’s house to play video games!” and on the other, “Wow, what if there is beer at Billy’s house and Junior decides to drive home? What if …” Parents today can now add the unbelievable distraction of cell phones to that list of things to worry about.

When I went to add this to my mental list of things to worry about when my daughter becomes a teenager, I realized something – my daughter will very likely never need to drive. She’ll be 16 in 2029. 2029. And given the incredible rate of advancement in self-driving technology, anyone born after somewhere around 2012 and who is lucky enough to have access to a late-model vehicle will be much more likely to be shuttled around by some super-capable driving AI than be a self-driving-teenager.

This was a mind-blowing revelation. And for me, reduced that mental when-I-have-a-teenager worry list by one big item.

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