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All about this site.

A disclaimer

PLEASE NOTE: While every effort has been made to ensure the information on this site is well-researched, accurate, and in the best interest of children in general, this site is not a substitute for your child’s pediatrician, good common sense, or researching parenting basics from a trusted source. (The American Academy of Pediatrics is a great place to start.) Every child is different, situations are different, and parenting is one of the most awesome (in the grand sense of the word) responsibilities known to man.  Be smart about it.

The Mission of Fathercraft

Our Goals

To dramatically enrich and improve the lives of dads who are seeking to become more and, through those fathers, their children.

To spread important information to as many parents as we possibly can.

On Being a Dad

We believe being a father should be one of the great highlights on the adventure that is life.

We believe being a father is hard, that obtaining perfection is impossible, but the mark of a truly great father is the drive to make each day be better than the day before.

We believe being a father should be fun, and the more fun had by the dad, the more fun had by the kids and spouse.

We believe fatherhood is a craft in the true definition of the word – “skill in planning, making or executing”, “an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill”. The concept of a master craftsman springs to mind; an individual who spends years honing his craft, who puts immense amounts of passion, attention to detail, and time into building.

We believe fathers help shape the destiny of their children and through them the very future of the human race.

On Information

We believe that today, critical parenting information is lost in the frenzy. So we seek to disseminate important information to as many parents as possible using modern distribution methods that reach parents where they are.

We believe in the digital age, uninformed opinions and misinformation abound, so we create high quality, well-researched content based on science and trusted authorities.

We also believe that today’s parent is juggling more than ever and needs information in a form that is easily consumable but allows for depth when desired.

We believe that actionable knowledge, acted upon is power and we strive to create this.

What We Do

We create products and resources that support these beliefs. That inspire and remind dads that life is an adventure to be shared with their children, that make the challenges of being a dad easier, that make play more fun for dads and kids alike, that educate and entertain, that support the wonderful and never-ending journey that is honing the craft of fatherhood in order to inspire the growth and development of future generations.

The path to perfection is unrelenting and unending, filled with love, humor, joy, and fulfillment. The great father endeavors ever further along the path to perfecting the craft of fatherhood. Along the way, we’ll be there to equip him with tools, toolsets, mindsets, education, and entertainment to continue the climb.

This is Fathercraft.

About Us

We’re brothers-in-law who have shared the journey of fatherhood over the past 4 years. In addition to sharing deep family ties, we share a passion for helping kids, figuring out how to improve things and become better, and helping dads lead better lives.

Here’s a bit about each of us:


Hello there. My name is John Doht and currently, my family consists of a wife, a dog, and two boys – one 5, one under 1. I spent the first 8 months of my life in Kansas City, Missouri and have lived in St. Louis, Missouri since then. I played soccer for the University of Missouri – St. Louis men’s soccer team and studied Art History, first at UMSL, then at the University of Missouri – Columbia. Finally, on the education front, I received a Masters degree in Healthcare Services from Washington University – St. Louis.

My personality doesn’t allow me to sit and not do anything productive when I find myself with free time. If there’s project needing to be done around the house, I take it on, often times despite the protests of my wife.  However, I don’t begin these projects willy-nilly. I do my homework – researching industry standards, studying hours of youtube videos, soliciting advice from professionals.

When our first child rolled around I took a back seat when it came to most of the major decision making. Mainly, and understandably, because my wife read the books, conversed with veteran parents and parenting professionals, and conducting hours of internet research. Over time, I began to wonder why. Why was I ok with my wife being the only subject matter expert? Why was I ok with just being a lowly grunt, following orders? I decided that I was no longer happy with the status quo of parenting. It was time to treat parenting with the same attitude I take with everything else I do – research, plan, deploy.

Since I spend the majority of my free time taking and editing pictures and then perusing Photoshop videos on how to do cool things with those photos, I take the lead on the visual aspects of Fathercraft – our photography, videos, and design. My goal is to use the visual medium to tell better stories for dads – to help them learn new skills, learn about new products, and be more confident and educated on parenting.


My name is Paul Zalewski. I currently live in Denver, Colorado with my wife Jamee and our daughters Kenzie, who was born in August of 2013 and Ruby, who was born in December of 2016.

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, studied Economics and Entrepreneurship at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, and have lived in Connecticut, California and now Colorado.

I love to snowboard, am obsessed with marketing and business and am enthralled and smitten by my daughters.

My journey into Fathercraft began on Christmas Eve 2012, when my wife told me she was pregnant with our first daughter. After spending a suitable amount of time panicking when I realized I had zero clue what to do, my wife and I turned to books. We read The Baby Bump, and The American Academy of Pediatrics’ Caring for Baby and Young Child.

These books opened my eyes to the power of information when it comes to being a dad. I felt empowered, more confident, and slept a little easier armed with some great knowledge about what was going on with our daughter.

For me, this site is an attempt to bring the power of information to dads everywhere and to do so in a way that makes the information approachable, digestible, fun, and actionable.

Paul and kids


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Can I get in touch?

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