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Parenting—Not Just For Moms Anymore

We want dads to have support. We offer resources and tools for the modern father, including product reviews, parenting tips, and stories from our own experience. Our goal is to dramatically enrich the lives of fathers who want to become more and, through them, enrich the lives of their children.

Team Fathercraft

Paul and John are the dads of Fathercraft. They’re brothers-in-law who have shared the journey of fatherhood over the past 6 years. John has two sons and Paul has two daughters.

Mark, a.k.a. Uncle Shark, is Paul’s brother. He excels at toting small children on long hikes and cutting the sleeves off Fathercraft t-shirts. Annika was brought on to help with copywriting and script writing, but her Dad jokes were so on point and her feminist perspective so imperative, that we asked her to join the Fathercraft family. She’s not a mom, but like Mark, she’s damn good at carrying nieces and nephews on hikes.

This is Fathercraft.

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