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What parents are saying about Father's Ed

Thank you for creating this resource for dads.

—Alvaro B.

I find myself stopping in the middle of the videos to start knocking off things you suggest.

—Josh E.

The discussions with Dr. Barnett have gone a long way towards helping us feel more confident.

—Chris F.

Father’s Ed was very well organized and presented in a very good format. I appreciate that each video was not too long so it made it easy to follow. I am especially thankful that this course is geared towards dads and I loved the emphasis on safe sleep.

—Sean A.

You guys are hilarious!

—Nitya K.

The videos are hilarious and informative.

—Charles M.

As a physician myself, I could not be more thrilled that there is a logical, science based educational offering.

—Bryan S.

Your production quality is top notch.

—Ken R.

Father’s Ed: an online parenting course for dads-to-be

A comprehensive system to help you prepare for the birth of your child

Parenting books are great, but are you really going to read them? Learn by seeing parenting skills in action; watch John imitate The Count from Sesame Street. Just hearing this stuff before your baby is born will be helpful.

Over 80 pages filled with actionable checklists, helpful resources, key take-aways and room to take notes.

For everything from developmental milestones to sleep schedules and pre-birth paperwork must-dos.

Learn how to help your child become a great sleeper with Dr. Natalie Barnett, PhD, pediatric sleep expert and Director of Research at Nanit, and hear about car seat safety from an actual firefighter (filmed at the firehouse!)


We absolutely love it. My wife didn’t think she was going to get into it with me, but it turns out she is hooked. John is very entertaining too. In comparison to the class at the hospital, we found that the material is not as similar as we thought. The hospital provided a scientific perspective of pregnancy and what women should expect during the course of their pregnancy and the labor process.

We’ve found that the Father’s Ed course has covered everything in between.​

The module discussing wills and insurance was fantastic and not nearly as painful as John said it would be, and the gear module was very informative. I really appreciate the messages about safe sleep too.

Steven C.

Steven C.

Expert advice you don’t want to miss

Recommendations on sleep, supporting your partner, and more

Do you like Australian accents and sleep recommendations from a woman with a PhD in genetics? So do we! That’s why we flew to NYC for a 2-day shoot with a pediatric sleep expert.

John also grills a firefighter on home & car safety.


Father’s Ed is great. I am so happy I purchased the course. It’s exactly the type of information I was hoping to get. A lot of the admin prep I never would have thought of until our baby was born, and the module on healthcare and doctors visits is just so damn good. John’s delivery is spot on too, watching the videos are informative and entertaining.

After becoming a dad:

I’ve been using all the checklists in the Father’s Ed workbook (the one for the last min pack of hospital bag was clutch) and have been using it regularly to look up information. It’s been very handy in quickly looking something up or for a deeper dive into a topic when necessary. Fathercraft to the rescue again!

Sam K.

Sam K.

Course Summary

9 modules to make you a skilled and confident parent

Master calendar and milestones | 2 Videos

The macroeconomics portion of the course, covering overall trends in the first 3 months of life, important pre-birth to do’s, and a very special episode of Saved by the Bell.

Preparing for your baby’s arrival | 2 Videos

Checklists! Instructions! An entire video devoted to admin and paperwork! It’s not glamorous but it is important. We’ll help you get organized and stay on top of it all.

Health and visiting the doctor | 4 Videos

Selecting a pediatrician, getting the most from doctor’s visits, health at home, and urgent health concerns to watch out for. And then, John channels Taran Killam channeling Robyn.

The hospital & when your baby is born | 3 Videos

Touring hospitals, what to pack, what to expect, and how to support your partner. Includes relationship-preserving soft skills, logistics, and Enya.

The first weeks at home & the basics of babies | 2 Videos

Prepare your house, prepare your dog, prepare to be riveted. Plus, how to soothe your crying baby and weird newborn stuff that’s totally normal

Skills | 5 Videos

Hold your baby, feed your baby, change a diaper, bathe, play, and interact with your baby. Learn how to maneuver tiny delicate limbs into uncooperative onesies, what sound a rhino makes, and so much more.

Safety | 3 Videos

Learn about all the potentially dangerous chemicals and beard oils in your home, how to prevent SIDS and SUID, and what your newborn has in common with a drunken frat boy.

Essential gear | 6 Videos

Can you be a minimalist parent? Probably not. But you don’t need everything. See what’s actually necessary for sleep, feeding, cleaning, clothing, and moving your baby from here to there.

Sleep | 5 Videos

Sleep expert Natalie Barnett guides you through sleep tools and strategies, bedtime rituals, safe sleep info, and a chilling Australian bedtime story. Learn the building blocks to making your baby a great sleeper.Note – This module is offered as a standalone course called Baby Sleep School

These modules are GREAT. So much useful information. Some I even watched twice, and it’s even better how real you guys keep it. I went through the workbook so easily and didn’t have any trouble whatsoever. I went from a nervous wreck to being confident and not afraid of what was coming next. I feel more and more confident and I have to thank you guys for that.

After becoming a dad:

Everything went perfect as far as the remainder of my wife’s pregnancy and she gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. You guys definitely were not kidding, it’s been a super fun rollercoaster, but OMG how much fun it is. It seems as if they grow overnight just absorbing everything they see. She is 5 months now and is our complete world. The website along with the workbook has made things so smooth for me, my wife even jokingly asked if I had children before or if I read some baby books. I treated Fathercraft almost like a frat, lol. I told a few friends about it and if I’m not mistaken, 2 of them even signed up so it was cool to see they took my recommendation.

Kendal O.

Kendal O.

Hi, we’re John and Paul

We’re dads to 4 kids & co-founders of Fathercraft.

We created Father’s Ed for our former selves. We wanted to be involved dads, but we were scared and didn’t know where to start.

Now we have the skills and knowledge to co-parent in style. We built a course to help other parents prepare, so they can relax and enjoy the journey.


My wife and I are US diplomats stationed abroad. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we decided to send my wife Kristin back to USA to ensure she had access to the healthcare she needed during her pregnancy. Want to see what quality time and Father’s Ed looks like in the time of COVID? We video chatted while we watched the first lessons.

Good stuff.

We are definitely using the course material as we prepare. Kristin especially used your list of questions in our interview of a pediatrician and ALL of her check ups with the ob/gyns to date. We laugh about what the practice must think of us, because Kristin will turn a seemingly 15 minute appointment into 45 minutes with all her questions every time. Boom That’s some Fathercrafting right there!

After becoming a dad:

Kristin and I got a great deal of confidence from your course which really did help us feel more prepared as we freaked out that the baby decided to arrive so early. We had our go bags practically packed, we knew how to navigate inside the hospital, we exhausted our OB/GYN with questions thanks to you, and we already had most of the essential gear ready to go at home!

The thing that helped me most immediately believe it or not is when John talked about the six main reasons babies cry. Completely true and laying that out ahead of time reduces the “uh ohh” factor in trying to discern what a newborn’s cry might signify.

Anyway, gotta go, still have a few Fathercraft lessons to complete between feedings.

Proud and slightly more confident new Dad,
Scott (and fangirl Kristin)

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 4.57.45 PM
Scott N.

Scott N.

Emails from moms

Preview the course

Watch sample content from Module 6: Skills

Why Father's Ed?


Father’s Ed: An online course for dads to be

9 modules | 35 videos | 5 hours of video content | 1 in-depth workbook

  • 35 videos (5 hours of course content)

  • 82 page workbook, shipped free

  • Checklists for pre-birth, the hospital, home safety, essential gear, and more

  • Links to resources and product recommendations below each video

  • Lifetime access to the course

  • 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee


Course Content

Lesson 1: An introduction (12:53)

Lesson 1: What to expect when (10:54)
Lesson 2: What you need to do when (9:30)

Lesson 1: Do this while your baby is buffering (10:52)
Lesson 2: Administrative (7:08)

Lesson 1: How to select a pediatrician (6:25)
Lesson 2: Getting the most from doctor’s visits (8:56)
Lesson 3: Health at home (8:20)
Lesson 4: Urgent health concerns to watch for (11:21)

Lesson 1: Touring hospitals and the birth plan (5:50)
Lesson 2: What to pack and last minute stuff (4:15)
Lesson 3: What to expect (15:22)

Lesson 1: How to adjust and not freak out (9:05)
Lesson 2: How to calm a crying baby and more (11:16)

Lesson 1: Hold your baby (8:54)
Lesson 2: Feed your baby (8:41)
Lesson 3: Change a diaper (6:39)
Lesson 4: Bathe and clothe your baby (7:04)
Lesson 5: Play and interact (8:00)

Lesson 1: Safety in the home (6:36)
Lesson 2: SIDS and SUID (5:51)
Lesson 3: Transporting your baby (8:31)

Lesson 1: Essential gear tips and tricks (3:52)
Lesson 2: Gear for cleaning, diapering, and health (6:58)
Lesson 3: Gear for feeding (4:02)
Lesson 4: Gear for moving your baby (4:57)
Lesson 5: Gear for sleep (5:27)
Lesson 6: Selecting a baby monitor (4:13)

Lesson 1: Newborns and sleep—what to expect (7:11)
Lesson 2: Building blocks of great sleep (8:43)
Lesson 3: Sleep skills and nighttime routines (15:47)
Lesson 4: How to make your baby a great sleeper (12:18)
Lesson 5: Fact or fiction? (3:07)

Lesson 1: Conclusion and next steps (6:12)

What parents are saying about Father's Ed

Scott and Kristin
Sam and Anna

The FAQs of Life

How is Father’s Ed different than a class at my local hospital?

We’re actually not going to answer this one. Our Beta Tester Steven C. is:  “In comparison to the class at the hospital, we found that the material is not as similar as we thought. The hospital provided a scientific perspective of pregnancy and what women should expect during the course of their pregnancy and the labor process. They also gave a tour of the hospital and discussed hospital protocol and policy. One of the most helpful things they taught was infant CPR … We’ve found that the Fathers Ed course has covered everything in between.”

What are some of your core beliefs about parenting?

We believe that educated parents are better parents. There are a million decisions for parents to make, and lots of them don’t have clear answers, at least without the right information. We believe in having fun and enjoying the ride—if you’re having fun, you’re going to be a better dad.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course but, the real clock on you is your baby’s due date. You can still get value from the course after your baby is born, but we strongly recommend you complete it ahead of time—firstly, there’s key info about the pre-birth time and the actual birth, secondly, you aren’t going to have a whole lot of free time afterward.

Is the content just common sense? Can I find this info elsewhere for free?

Is “don’t put your baby on the washing machine” common sense? Some would argue yes, but the AAP thinks it bears repeating. Father’s Ed is built on a foundation of rock-solid research from trusted sources, organized so it’s logical and useful to new parents. Then we added unbridled enthusiasm. Tips, tools, ideas from experts, what has and what hasn’t worked for us. You’d be surprised how elusive common sense can be when you haven’t slept in 4 days.

Can I add Father’s Ed to my registry?

If you’re using Babylist, just use their bookmark bar tool to add Father’s Ed.

Can I give the course as a gift?

Absolutely. Gifting Father’s Ed is a great way to tell your husband/boyfriend/son-in-law to get his shit together before the baby comes (but in a nice way). Just sign up as yourself, email us ([email protected]) and we’ll transfer the membership to him. We’re even working on a line of e-cards that show you care about him, and that you’ll be anxiously awaiting his confirmation he’s completed the course.

Do I really need to take a course to learn how to be a dad?

You can try to learn how to feed a baby from a diagram in a book, or you can watch a video and see a dad actually do it. While nothing can replace hands-on experience, Father’s Ed can give you the tools and the confidence to help make you a great parent.

5 hours of video content? Are you kidding me? I can barely make it through the 15-minute training videos I have to watch at work.

Our scriptwriter actually wrote a bunch of corporate training videos that went viral, so you’re in good hands.

I’m a mom-to-be, should I take the course?

Here’s Father’s Ed student Steven C:

“My wife didn’t think she was going to get into it with me, but it turns out she is hooked. John is very entertaining too.”

We wrote Father’s Ed with dads-to-be in mind, and John and I are obviously dads ourselves (though our scriptwriter is a woman). 

It’s your call. One idea: buy it for your partner, watch some together, see what happens.

My baby’s already born, should I take the course?

Much of the course will be helpful and relevant if your baby is 1-3 months old, but not all of it. Seeing as you’ve already aced the birth and delivery module, maybe skip that one.

What if I’m unhappy with the course?

We’ll build a gigantic pillow fort and go in there and cry, probably. But, if you’re unhappy for any reason, just let us know, we’ll refund you. We offer a 30-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

Is there a test at the end?

Just the one where you actually hold the fate of a tiny human life in your hands. Aside from that, once you complete all the video content, email us [[email protected]] a picture of a final filled in page in your workbook with your address, and we’ll send you something cool.

What happens if I need help or have a question?

We’re here for you. [email protected] We can’t answer medical questions, but your pediatrician can, and part of the course is designed to help you find a great one.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer all major forms of credit card, and you can also pay by PayPal. At this time we can only accept payment in U.S. dollars.

What if I’m outside the U.S.?

Great! We’ll get you digital course access within about 5 minutes. Your workbook may take a bit longer to arrive, but we ship anywhere in the world.

It’s also worth noting that when it comes to logistics—insurance, paperwork, etc., and the gear we discuss in the course, we are U.S.-centric, so not all of it will apply. (Though our favorite car seat is Italian and our favorite all-around stroller is British.)

But, at least in our opinion, most of the parenting principles are universal.

And, new dads around the world seem to agree! We've had customers in Canada, Ireland, England, Singapore, France,  Brazil, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. 

I have a giant hipster beard and I noticed that fake-ass beard in the course trailer video. Are you planning on mercilessly making fun of me?


How does Father’s Ed compare to other new dad classes online & parenting courses for fathers?

Umm it’s beyond compare. Just kidding, there are other solid parenting classes for dads online. We’re biased obviously, but in Father’s Ed we focused on a few things: 1) being comprehensive. A lot of what we’ve found out there is focused, but not comprehensive. 2) being well-researched. We put hundreds of hours of research into Father’s Ed using ironclad sources, so you know the info is rock-solid. 3) being fun. If you aren’t having fun while learning, you’re not going to learn as much (or worse you’ll quit). We guarantee Father’s Ed will entertain you, or your money back.

Plus, while we take our material seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. And we have better t-shirts. Put that all together, we think it's the best of parenting classes for dads out there. And again, let us prove it to you—try Father's Ed for 30 days. If you don't like it, we'll give you your money back. That simple.

How does the guarantee work?

Look, we get the fact that the prospect of taking an online parenting class from a company you learned about very recently involves a leap of faith. 

However we put our hearts and souls and hundreds and hundreds of hours of hard work and research into Father's Ed, and we stand by it 100%.

So, give it a try and if you don't like it, we'll give you a 100% refund for up to 30 days. It's as simple as that. There are no forms to fill out. No hidden buttons you have to find. There's nothing you have to return at your expense (or at all). You just send us an email at [email protected], we'll process your refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Question we didn’t answer?