A diaper bag for dads

Classic styling and superior design.
A minimalist diaper bag for the modern dad.

Coming soon.

Look, our co-founder John carried around a green-and-white polka dot Kate Spade diaper bag for years.

But, there’s something to be said for a diaper bag built just for dads.

We think that thing is this: a great bag inspires us toward adventure.

And being a dad is one of life’s great adventures. A great bag will inspire you to have more adventures with your kids, whether you’re climbing a mountain or the playground at the local park.

And that is why Fathercraft is building a diaper bag.

Diaper duty ready, but dapper enough to be used for years.

The Fathercraft Stercore Bag blends form and function to fit the multiple roles you play.

Engineered from the ground up for dads.

Internal callouts for the Fathercraft diaper bag for dads

Versatile, accessible, and ready for anything.

Wear it as a messenger or a backpack.

Access every compartment one-handed.

Insulated bottle holder. Water-and-other-stuff-resistant laptop compartment.

Turn it into a shield to defend against grandmas at the park trying to pinch your cute baby.

Yep, we thought of that.

  • Multiple entry & grab points
  • Detachable changing pad that can be wiped down
  • Safe zones for your cell phone & laptop
  • Sleek compartments to stash wipes, diapers, keys, scotch
  • Easy to clean material and durable construction
  • Configurable internal compartments
  • Stash-n-dash pockets
  • Grabbable zipper pulls & easy-to-use buckles
  • Nice big hang-it-about-anywhere hook
You’re secure enough to carry a polka-dot Kate Spade bag, but why should you?

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