A diaper bag for the modern dad

This baby raised 654% of its goal on Kickstarter! And it’s now in stock & ready to ship. 

Classic styling and superior design

A stylish men's diaper bag that's built to last.


What our customers are saying

Parent on point

You could order a $50 diaper bag from Amazon. Or you could spend $120 bucks on a weird militaristic bag for HARDCORE dads. Either way, you’re probably throwing both of them straight into the closet once your baby is out of diapers.

Why not invest in a men’s diaper bag with longevity? A quality piece that will serve you for years to come.  

Being a dad is one of life’s great adventures. 

And a great bag will inspire you to have more adventures with your kids, whether you’re climbing a mountain or scaling the monkey bars at the local park.

Our co-founder John carried around a green-and-white polka dot Kate Spade diaper bag for years… but he dreamed of a better option.

A men’s diaper bag built just for dads.

And that is why Fathercraft built the ultimate, store-it-all, grab-and go, travel-ready, stylish, smart and built-to-last diaper bag for modern dads, masculine caregivers, and any parent who appreciates durability and good design.

Diaper duty ready, but dapper enough to be used for years.

The Fathercraft Bag blends form and function to fit the multiple roles you play.

What starts as a diaper backpack for dad seamlessly transforms into a toddler bag, and might just become your everyday carry.

Fathercraft's diaper bag for dads outside with a rainbow behind it

Engineered to be exceptionally versatile and comfortable.

The Fathercraft Bag was built specifically to be a men’s diaper bag. The design focuses on subtle style, simple organization systems, and comfort for a dad’s body (and dad bods, too).

Made for modern fathers and ready for the adventure ahead.

Carry the bag messenger style or as a backpack.

Easily access every compartment one-handed.

Stash your stuff in pockets galore. Stow your laptop and phone in liquid-resistant compartments.

And turn it into a shield to defend against grandmas at the park trying to pinch your cute baby.

The bag knows no bounds.

A dad with his kid riding on his shoulders and the Fathercraft diaper bag in messenger mode

Versatile, accessible, and ready for anything.

Wear it as a messenger or a backpack.

Access every compartment one-handed.

Pockets galore. Water-and-other-stuff-resistant laptop compartment.

Turn it into a shield to defend against grandmas at the park trying to pinch your cute baby.

Yep, we thought of that.

  • Multiple entry & grab points
  • Foldable, storable changing pad that can be wiped down
  • Safe zones for your cell phone & laptop
  • Sleek compartments to stash wipes, diapers, keys, scotch
  • Easy to clean material and durable construction
  • Configurable internal compartments
  • Stash-n-dash pockets
  • Grabbable zipper pulls & easy-to-use buckles
  • Mesh compartment for wet stuff

Yep, we thought of that.

  • Multiple entry & grab points
  • Detachable changing pad that can be wiped down
  • Safe zones for your cell phone & laptop
  • Sleek compartments to stash wipes, diapers, keys, scotch
  • Easy to clean material and durable construction
  • Configurable internal compartments
  • Stash-n-dash pockets
  • Grabbable zipper pulls & easy-to-use buckles
  • Nice big hang-it-about-anywhere hook

You're secure enough to rock a lady's diaper bag

but why should you?

#1 Dad (diaper bag)

The most versatile, durable, and stylish men’s diaper bag on the market. You’re going to love it.

The specs

Deep dive the
Fathercraft Bag

  • 500D PU coated Cordura main fabric
  • 70D Urethane coated ripstop liner
  • Coated YKK Weatherproof Reverse Coil zippers throughout
  • Hypalon touch points throughout
  • Hypalon reinforcements in high wear areas
  • Aluminum attachment hardware
  • Fidlock main closure
  • External quick access zipper to main compartment
  • Large configurable main compartment
  • Large stretch woven compression panel for main compartment
  • Snap in accordion divider in main compartment
  • Quick stowage pocket at lid ideal for phone, keys, wallet, etc.
  • Large venting mesh pocket behind lid
  • Open stash pocket at front face
  • Two bottle pockets oriented for both backpack and messenger bag carry orientations
  • Quick side access pocket to reach cube module or into main compartment
  • Cube Module
    • Padded cube insert attached to inside of main compartment
    • Optional divider inside padded cube
    • Top and side access with quick grab handles
    • Stretch mesh pocket at side access for quick stow items
  • Side admin pocket with dividers
  • Messenger bag shoulder strap with clip for quick temporary storage
  • Backpack strap with clip for quick temporary storage
  • Padded weatherproof rear large laptop sleeve with independent zippered access
  • Capacity: 32.5 L (1976 cubic in.)
  • Dimensions: 13” L x 19” W x 8” D
  • Weight: 3 lbs, 11 oz.

Bag FAQs

Like, can you throw it in a pool and have everything remain dry? No, it’s not a submarine. But, we designed the bag with strategic compartments that compartmentalize spills and messes. And a dedicated laptop sleeve keeps everything away from your machine.

Could the Air Force use a Boeing 737 as a fighter jet? Technically … that would be dumb AF. And ok, maybe that metaphor is a little extreme, but the point is: a diaper bag is a specialized product.

Look, plenty of couples share a diaper bag. Doesn’t mean you should.

Nope. The bag is 100% vegan. 

Order now and your bag will leave our warehouse in 1-2 days.

The Fathercraft Bag delivers only within the U.S. and Canada.

We’re working hard on international delivery. If you’d like to join the waitlist, please fill out this form:

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      1. S
        Sam K Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        I think the bag is great, love it and I’ve recommended it to fellow parents! The construction and design of the are superb. The modularity and customizability make it so I can tailor it to my needs and preferences. The fathercraft bag is literally always ready to go in our house, just add some snacks and we’re good to go. And, once it’s served it’s time as a diaper bag, I plan to use it as a backpack for myself.

      2. A
        Adam M Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        It’s a really great bag. I first used the bag as our hospital bag with everything we would need for our stay and it held just about everything. After using it for a week with our newborn I’ve gotten to know it a bit better, but not super well. I do wish they had two sizes as this bag is perfect for a full day out with lots of things, but for quick doctors appointments or a trip to the park and a walk in a stroller it is bigger than it needs to be. I have a patagonia sling bag that I use for such occasions. Otherwise the bag is very well designed and the buckles alone are worth it. I wanted a bag that both myself and my wife would be happy to take around that weren’t very “mom” like or the “tactical” baby bags that army dads are into. It’s a nice looking functioning diaper bag that has a great build quality that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again, however I would also invest in a small bag for quick trips.

      3. S
        Stella Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        Great bag! Got is as a gift for my husband and so far we are loving it. Roomy main compartment with loads of smart pockets and zippers to access from every side. Carabiners look durable and are easy to use. It will definitely be repurposed as a gym bag after we no longer need a diaper bag (seems durable enough to last that long!)

      4. D
        Danny E. Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        I am a first time Dad (but an engineer and OCD Dad to say the least).

        My one request to my wife was to let me choose a diaper bag that was actually functional and optimal for us both to take our son into the world on a regular basis. THIS BAG IS PERFECT!

        Consistent with Fathercraft blogs/videos… It can be carried as an over-the-shoulder bag (my preference) or as a backpack (my wife’s preference). It has external and internal access to pouches for ease of access. Every time I think “it would be nice if the diaper bag had X or Y”, I find this bag already has it. Whether it be a carabiner clips, easy buckle magnetic snaps, diaper changing pads, internal organization dividers, etc. We can pack for a small two hour outing or or a full day at the beach (including packing our dogs’ needs as well). This bag is above and beyond what I have hoped for in terms of versatility and quality.

        Beyond STRONGLY RECOMMEND! All dads who want to be involved (and OCD) would love this bag.

      5. D
        Diane Giulioni Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        I was really pleased with the Fathercraft bag which arrived! The quality was impeccable and the bag was 100% as they described it would be. I love all the pockets, the thoughtful features which include the changing pad, et.

        My baby hasn’t been born yet but I can’t wait to put it good use, she’s about to arrive!

      6. B
        Bennett Coffey Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        This bag is excellent! The versatility of the bag, including the ability to use as a backpack or shoulder bag, the removable organizer and mini bag, is unparalleled. The pockets are sized perfectly for diapers, snacks, personal items, laptops/tablets, and any other items you may need on either a quick errand with the kid or a long day trip. I would highly recommend this bag to any father looking for the perfect diaper bag!

      7. M
        Mikael S Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        Very nice bag. Doubles now as my main big bag for shopping and even gym. The small box inside also very useful without the bag (first perfectly to lower compartment of our Britax Smile 4)

        Only minus is that you must remember to close the clasps or they get stuck to random metal items. Also all the loops tend to get tangled with random things.

      8. R
        Robin Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        I backed this during the Kickstarter and it arrived just in time. I chose this bag for the thought that went into the design and layout. I did not necessarily know what I was going to need and how I would want to use it; so I appreciated the fact I can run the bag as a messenger or a backpack and have multiple ways to get into the bag depending on the situation.

        I also chose the bag for the material choices and the concept it could be wiped clean fairly easily. That’s a big thing in our lives before the kid, so I figured keeping that in mind post-kid would be a solid move.

        Lastly, the style was also an influence. I saw the stuff in BuyBuyBaby (byebye? I dunno) and other kid stores and just didn’t like the aesthetic. (And the comparable materials quality was poorer with those other products) I like subdued and subtle patterns or colors. So I won’t feel foolish or like i have a giant “look at me” sign when I wear the bag.

        Solid construction. To the point where I’m looking forward to no longer needing the bag for the kid and I can use this as a commuter work bag or weekend travel bag. It just feels very sturdy and well constructed.

        Initial reactions were that the bag was bulky and kinda stiff. But it was brand new, so stiffness isn’t surprising. I’m hoping with use, it will become a bit more pliable. Especially the messenger style shoulder strap. Hoping I can break that in more. Bulk is probably here to stay? I don’t know yet. We’re new to kids and are still figuring things out. Maybe as the material gets worked it will relax a bit more.

        (From a newborn with do-i-need-all-of-the-things dr visit perspective) I wouldn’t mind seeing a “Jr” version of this bag. Something that holds the super-bare-necessities for dr visits when you don’t need “The Full Experience”. Two to three diapers, two to three puppy/pee pads, a slimmed down wipe container, and one outfit change. Real bare bones for those types of excursions that allows you to leave the larger bag in the car. While the current bag has an insert that could hold just that, it isn’t the easiest to swap in and out of due to the snap system and just bulk. (not to mention, no carry handle on the inserts if you are trying to juggle that and child) I’d be willing to pay $75-100-ish for a similar quality, just slimmed down version. For now, I think I’ll have to settle with some sort of mil surplus option.

        I suppose a review that says “yes, but what about second bag” certainly says something about the quality of the product, eh?

        *minor edit* i apparently need to investigate the pockets on the changing pad mentioned by another reviewer. That might solve some of my alt-bag ideas?

      9. L
        Lynne Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        Love the bag. Very helpful and the smaller bag insert is perfect for an overnight bag or whatever else. My husband uses the bag the most for the diaper bag.

      10. S
        Scott N Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        Meticulously designed! 5/5 would buy again. This isn’t just a good Dad bag… this is solid all around bag! My wife even glances longingly at this Dad bag, to which I raise a finger and deliver a firm but fair, “No touch!”. Just kidding, I value my life.

        Pockets in all the right places for logical organization and quick grabs. I especially like the pockets and organizer tabs on the flap pocket for electronics, and the laptop/tablet pocket… you know…. when you need a break from the baby tantrum and need to throw in some ear pods for a quick escape to “Chillout Lounge” playlist. Kidding not kidding?

        Bag really feels high quality, the material is plush and feels urban but not too pretentious for the rural suburbs. The waterproof zippers makes it feel even more outdoorsy and premium. At first, the flap of the bag felt a little stiff but it breaks in over time. Also this is a roomy bag, it is substantial, keep that in mind if you plan to use it with a micro stroller.

        I haven’t had a single issue with this bag to date, happier than I expected, but exactly as I hoped! Nicely done! How do you get this thing advertised on Huckberry or something?? I took the bag as my overnight bag for a work trip and it worked perfectly. Lovin’ it.

      11. N
        Nathan Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        This diaper bag is the iPhone of diaper bags, and is the only one worth buying. We literally have 4 different brands/styles, and I get so frustrated with them all, except this one. Also, this bag is customizable to your varying needs at any point.

        We recently used this bag to travel with our 10 month old on an airplane to Florida. This bag worked better than we could have imagined. The inside bag worked well for transporting breast milk bottles with a couple if ice packs, through TSA. Everything stayed cold for hours. The rest of the bag was able to hold the other essentials the baby needed for the trip. (I’m talking, pacifiers, burp cloths, diapers, extra diapers, wipes, teethers, a book, stuffed animal toy, some painters tape for a fun quiet activity, my sunglasses, some medication, a charger, some electrolyte packets, a water bottle, the diaper changing essentials, extra milk containers and bottles, and some other small toys).

        The thoughtful placement of handles came in clutch when we needed to use the family restrooms for changing stations at the airport and didn’t want to set the bag on the floor.

        But the best part? That would be the logical placement of the changing pad. It’s quickly accessible from the back panel slot, AND the pad has two pockets for your diapers, wipes and of course the butt spatula (another parenting essential). This changing pad made changing the baby’s blowout diaper mid flight a breeze. We all know how small the airplane bathrooms are, taking any bag in there would be a challenge. Instead of the whole bag, I could just quickly grab the changing pad from the slot, and take the baby. No need to worry about juggling anything or taking a bag I need to rummage through.

        The only wish I have with this bag, is it was available before we bought the other bags, haha. Seriously, this bag is the only one that was created by parents who actually go places and use their diaper bags.

        Stop asking if you need this bag, and just buy it already. The answer is yes, you do need this bag.

      12. N
        Nancy Grucky Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        This bag has everything you need …and more. It took me some time to investigate all the slots. A lot of thought went into the design. I love the quality of the fabric and zippers. It’s very durable.

      13. R
        Ramon D Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        Look no further—this bag has it all!! Fathercraft has delivered! Not only are there tons of pockets of different shapes & sizes, but they’re the right material — sealed sleeves for laptop & phone means I don’t stress about my important valuables, diaper pockets in the changing pad, insulated pockets for bottles & food… the list goes on!

        The material is premium, I like the finishing touches like the non-stick bottom (in messenger mode), and the fidlock buckles are incredible.

        All around, I couldn’t be happier with purchasing this bag and supporting these guys during the Kickstarter. A job very well done.

      14. R
        Rachel A Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        I had looked for a diaper bag that was sleek and modern and efficient and was coming up short on every front. I finally found the fathercraft diaper bag and it seemed to check all the boxes. When the bag arrived, I had high hopes that it would be what I needed and was absolutely blown away by the quality of the bag and the thoughtfulness of the design.

        This bag is built with an unmatched level of quality and you can see that thought went into each and every feature. The buckles are designed to be opened and closed one-handed, but are durable enough to stay closed until you want to open them. The space and functionality of the inside of the bag and the organizer cube is very well done. The changing pad is functional and accessible. Overall, just a really great, high-quality, functional, sleek and stylish bag (for moms and dads!). Highly recommend.

      15. R
        Robert Piazza Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        I absolutely love my new diaper bag! Not only does it have a huge capacity for all of my baby’s essentials, but it also looks like a normal backpack or messenger bag. I can even fit my enormous 32 oz water bottle in the side of this thing! Plus, the magnetic buckles are both super cool and functional. But my favorite feature has to be the water tight pockets for my phone and laptop – I can take this bag anywhere without worrying about spills or leaks. If you’re a dad on the go, this is the perfect diaper bag for you! Highly recommend. Also they have amazing customer service!

      16. S
        Scott Verified Buyer The Fathercraft Bag

        Awesome bag!!! I love it so far! It is big enough to hold everything you need and it is organized really well. The instruction manual is great and helps you learn all the features. This is a great diaper bag and I will always recommend it to people having babies.