An In-Depth Nanit Plus Video Review

Dec 20, 2018

See our in-depth Nanit Plus review at Learn more about the Nanit on the Nanit website*:

Fathercraft reviews the new Nanit Plus baby monitor from Nanit, and compares it to the Nanit Original on a feature-by-feature basis.

The Nanit Plus is the latest smart baby monitor from Nanit. It uses your smartphone or tablet as the ‘parent unit’ and features upgrades from the Nanit Original that include two-way communication, improved user management, nature sounds for white noise, the ability to connect via bluetooth if wifi is down, and more.

In our review, John explores what we love about the Nanit Plus, dives into some of the cooler features, reviews a few of the quirks, and provides our final verdict for this wifi-enabled smart baby monitor.

Like all of our baby monitor reviews (which you can find at, we spent weeks testing out this monitor to understand the awesome, the wish it was different, and a final verdict.

For our full review, head to

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