Arlo Baby video review, unboxing, and feature walkthrough

Sept 17, 2018

Do cute green bunny ears improve baby monitor performance? We explore the Arlo Baby in this review.

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We reviewed quite a few baby monitors at Fathercraft and today we reviewing the Arlo Baby. The monitor came preassembled with the bunny ears and bunny feet, power cord instructions, and a wall mounting kit. According to Netgear’s website, the Arlo baby is the cutest monitor on the market. It has a 1080p HD video resolution, night vision of up to 15 feet, and an adjustable range of view from 90-133 degrees. Some of the many features that come with the Arlo Baby are a built in white noise and music player with around ten preloaded sounds and songs. The app can also monitor temperature, humidity, and “volatile organic compounds”. What are those? It basically means air quality. Anything from carbon monoxide to methane, a gas leak or farts. The Arlo Baby has two-way communication with a nigh light featuring a broad spectrum of colors. It can even play a light show. The Arlo Baby app and user experience leaves a lot to be desired and I often felt lost trying to navigate through the app. Overall, the Arlo Baby can provide a lot of value to your family if you are willing to explore all the possibilities this device can provide.
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