More sleep for you, your baby, and your dog. [Free access for April]

Apr 12, 2020

We could all use more sleep right now … At Fathercraft, we really wanted to do something to help parents and parents-to-be given all that’s going on. And we know we’re losing sleep for non-kid related reasons these days …

So, our online course about baby sleep—Baby Sleep School—is 100% FREE to access for the month of April.
Head to to enroll, it’s totally free, no entering a credit card, nothing.
When your baby sleeps better, you sleep better, too.
Normally, Baby Sleep School is $97.
Access for free, through the end of April, at
We hope you’re hanging in there, and we hope this can help some families out, even just a little bit.
All the best,
John and Paul
Fathercraft Co-founders
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