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A Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Review

It’s good to be a baby. You sleep, eat, and when you need to go somewhere, you get carrier there. Well, at least that’s true if your parents buy into the baby carrier boom.

And let’s be honest: why shouldn’t they? It’s tough to overstate the convenience of the right carrier. Yes, you might feel a bit like a kangaroo. But is that really a bad thing? With your hands free and your little one buckled in, you can wash the dishes, rake some leaves, or carry in the groceries just like you did before they entered the world.

The convenience of carriers has made them about as close to must-have baby equipment as it gets. But of course, it’s only useful if you get the right version of it, which is where we come in–we’ve done numerous baby carrier reviews over the years, and compiled the best baby carriers of 2022, here.

One final note before we dive into the actual facts: don’t confuse Beco with Graco, even though they sound almost identical. One is a major brand that sells car seats, bassinets, strollers and more, and has dabbled in baby carriers. The other only sells carriers and only offers three models, and one of them is what this review is all about.

Beco Gemini weight limit, washing Instructions, and other details

Let’s start with the basics before we get judgmental. These facts can help you make a buying decision, but they don’t include our opinion at all. Just the facts, baby.

Like all baby carriers we review, the Beco Gemini is part of the structured carrier type of equipment. That means it’s sturdy enough to be (and feel) safe for all recommended sizes. At Fathercraft, we don’t dabble in slings or anything else that seems like your little one is about to go tumbling. Some other facts:

  • Size and weight limit: your baby will fit and be safe if she weighs anywhere between 7 and 35 pounds. The Beco Gemini does not need an infant insert. Instead, it uses an adjustable seat for newborns up to 15 pounds. It’s designed to fit any adult between XS and XXL.
  • How to clean a Beco carrier: with your washing machine in warm water. Don’t put it in the dryer, though. Hang-dry it to make sure the fabric doesn’t start shrinking and pulling. Hey, at least you’ll have your hands free to do laundry!
  • Safety: Fear not. This carrier is safe for your baby as long as you don’t start doing cartwheels or backflips. It’s certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, and yes, the Beco Gemini is ergonomic to aid those little growing bones.
  • Carrying positions: you get four, including all the hits. Front but facing inward for the littlest ones, forward-facing as they want to explore the world, hip carry for those who prefer a side job, and backpack style for 20 pounds and up.

Our Beco Gemini baby carrier review

Alright, enough with the facts. You came here for our unfiltered opinion, so let’s dive right in. 

First things first: this Beco carrier is quite the hit online, with great reviews on your major online retailers as well as other review sites. Do we agree? Wouldn’t you like to know? Keep reading to find out.

The awesome

It’s kind of a lightweight… 

… And for a baby carrier, that’s a good thing. Judgment call alert, but at 1.5 pounds, this was probably the lightest piece we’ve tested yet. That little lovable hunk will add pounds by the day. No need to make it worse with a heavy carrier, right?

The belt pocket is practical

Pockets are great in general. Pocket on a baby carrier? Well, those are just the best. Use the belt pocket to store your phone, wallet, hand sanitizer (yes, you’ll need it) or anything else you can imagine. Soon, you won’t be able to live without it–and we’re only sort of kidding.

Four carry positions

You don’t just have the four options, but they all tend to work equally well. You’ll find your favorite for the little one, but this is not one of those situations where you really only have one usable position and the other three are just window dressing.

Easy to convert leg positioning

We already mentioned above that this carrier doesn’t need an infant insert. That makes it unique from its competition, and it’s a great thing. In the inward-facing frontal position, you can simply adjust a couple of snaps to make sure it’s safe for those tiny legs. No extra piece of equipment flying around the house.

The wish it was different

Didn’t feel comfortable (for anyone involved)

Let’s make this one big negative with a lot of little parts: as we tested it, the Beco Gemini carrier just didn’t feel comfortable at all. I have all sorts of reasons for that. For what it’s worth, not that I consider myself a baby whisperer, but Calvin didn’t seem to be a fan either.

Some reasons I just couldn’t seem to get it comfortable:

  • Compared to some other models we tested, the Beco has the least amount of padding in the shoulder straps and waist belt. Both of those sort of dig into your flesh, especially if you wear it for longer periods of time.
  • The waist belt buckle is exposed and right in the middle of the parent’s back. Again, that digs into the skin more than it should be given the lack of padding.
  • The shoulder strap buckles in a way that makes it go right under the armpit. Comfort? Kind of the pits. 
  • Even though it’s not part of the official instructions, the manufacturer’s website and several reviews advise you to cross your shoulder straps for comfort. But that adds a bunch of hassle in having to clip in the buckles. Why not design it that way to begin with?

The verdict

Beco Gemini carrier
Image courtesy of Beco Baby

I’m guessing the Beco Gemini has great reviews because it looks great on paper. The positions, the pocket, and the low weight are all great features. But not all that shines is gold. When you put it on, and the discomfort sets in, those theoretical advantages start to go away.

Maybe it’s the high expectations after reading the specs, but we came away disappointed. Other baby carriers just outperform it. The Beco Gemini back carry is probably our favorite, but when you have to go against your instructions on how to use a Beco baby carrier just to make it more comfortable, you lose us.

Our verdict: stay away and check out some of our higher-performing carrier alternatives. Unless you happen across it in a store and try it on, don’t trust the fact that it will be comfortable. If you’re anything like us, it probably won’t be. 

Comparing the Gemini to other Beco baby carriers

The Gemini is not the only option in Beco’s line of carriers. If you find yourself confused by the alternatives, use this as your cheat-sheet:

  • Beco Soleil used to be the flagship of the brand. But when Beco sold to Boba, it was discontinued. You can still find it online at some retailers. It’s very similar to the Gemini, costs about $120 if you can find it, and has a higher weight limit of up to 45 pounds. But: no forward-facing carrying option here.
  • Beco 8 is, in some ways, the evolution of the Soleil. It also allows for kids up to 45 pounds and has no less than 8 carrying options. This is the Ferrari of the Beco line with features like a removable sleeping hood, optional lumbar support, a ventilated front 3D mesh panel, and more. All that for the steep price of $180.
  • Beco Toddler packs the biggest punch, literally. For $160, you get a weight limit between 20 and 60 pounds, and everything about this model is built for toddlers 18 months and up. Looking for pockets? This one’s got a detachable zipper clutch.

Pricing and where to buy

No Beco baby carrier would be complete without the price. It’s a bit confusing, actually: the manufacturer’s website offers no less than 19 different options that only seem to differ in their visual style. And yet, the price between these options ranges between $50 and $160.

In other words, you can get this one for pretty cheap if you’re willing to choose a less popular pattern. In addition to the official Beco website, you can also find the Gemini on Amazon.

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