Fathercraft's baby carrier reviews

Find the perfect baby carrier for your little one by browsing all of our baby carrier reviews.

Baby carriers arrange on a wooden wall

Our baby carrier review philosophy

Before we jump into the reviews, a couple of notes:

  1. To arrive at our top picks, we started with extensive online research about baby carriers that were popular on other review sites, then did extensive testing of our own.
  2. You’ll note we don’t review slings and wraps. Why? Well, we don’t recommend using them at all. Reason being, they’ve been found to not support hip health in babies, and may be dangerous, particularly if used improperly (and they’re more prone to user error than the structured carriers we’ve tested and recommend.
  3. You can find our picks for best baby carriers of 2022 right over here.

The Reviews

What’s the best baby carrier for dads? Read our detailed baby carrier reviews below.

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