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The Shop by Fathercraft is a place for  new dads to hang out, ask questions, consult experts, and take parenting seriously. (But not too seriously.)

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If you’re here, you probably agree that being a dad is amazing, and also really freaking hard. The macro trends happening in the world today aren’t exactly making things easier. 

Maybe you don’t buy into old-school ideas about needing to be macho or not have feelings. BUT, it’s still hard to reach out or ask for support when you need it.

And if you’re working home and meeting fewer people, you’ve also got less people to talk to and connect with.

Dads need community. 

Conversations that help you learn about parenting. The chance to swap stories and commiserate about the experience with other guys who are like you.

That’s why we’re building The Shop by Fathercraft. It’s a place for dads (specifically dads who are into this whole parenting thing). 

You can come to learn, to share, to ask questions, and to just hang out. 

All parenting journeys are unique, but they can all benefit from a place to:

  • ask questions and get advice from dads who’ve been there
  • share—challenges, wins, and fun stories, all the little things
  • get advice from parenting experts (we’re talking actual experts, not influencers. A platform =/= expertise)
  • create real connections with other dads
  • find trusted content that helps with your current challenges
  • feel human and be reminded that you’re doing a kick-ass job

Most importantly, we want The Shop to be a safe place—free from judgement, free from people ramming their advice down your throat. A place where you’re comfortable sharing the hard stuff. Asking the tough questions. And being part of a welcoming, caring community.

Fathercraft, as seen in

The Shop is your resource and online community for dads

A place where you can ask and answer questions, share with your peers, make connections, and get guidance from the team at Fathercraft (although we only sort of know what we’re doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Info is only helpful if you can find it.  Easily browse and consume an exclusive, well-organized set of videos, articles, Q&As, and more.

Benefit from conversations with some of the world’s leading experts on babies & kids. Hear first-hand from dads who’ve been through it – about the birth process, how to cope, sleep training, and more.


Get discounts and insider access on curated picks from brands we love, plus cool stuff from Fathercraft, and special bonus offers.

Founding Fathers wanted.

The Shop by Fathercraft will be a private community with a reasonable monthly membership fee. We’re seeking the right early community members to help us build an awesome virtual community of dads.

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First, The Shop by Fathercraft will be a private community. Every single member will be reviewed by the Fathercraft team.

Second, it won’t be free. If you are willing to invest the cost of a couple pour-over coffees per month, it means you’re going to take this more seriously.

Third, the community will be actively moderated by the Fathercraft team. We will not hesitate to remove members who don’t follow our community guidelines.

No. We’ve thought a lot about this one. We believe moms are amazing. We also believe that there are lots of amazing communities out there for moms. We believe that a community just for dads will allow for deeper, more candid conversations.

We’ll also note that Fathercraft writ-large welcomes moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. 

Short answer? Dads of all aged kids are welcome.

Slightly longer? Initially, The Shop will be geared towards new(ish) dads, expecting dads, and dads of young kids (think 10 and under). As we grow, we’ll get better at segmenting conversations, creating and curating content for dads of older kids too—in fact the clock is ticking on co-founder Paul’s critical need of figuring out how to be the dad of teenage girls.

Our community won’t constitute medical advice, and it’s important to remember you are responsible for the health and well-being of your children.

We have an answer. Probably. [email protected]

Great! We’d love to hear it. Email suggestions for the community to [email protected]

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