Cubo Ai baby monitor review

Tweet, tweet. This is the noise the Cubo Ai baby monitor makes, via an alert on my phone, when my daughter Ruby is crying.

It’s part of the bird theme that’s going on with a new monitor company called CuboAi. In this Cubo review, we dive into how this monitor stacks up against the rest of the wifi baby monitor crowd.

Let’s dive in.

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In this review, we cover (click a link to jump ahead)

Cubo basics: what is CuboAi?
How to set up and use Cubo
The awesome
The wish it were different
A verdict

but first, a video review of Cubo Ai:

What is Cubo Ai?

The Cubo is a video baby monitor that uses wifi to connect the parent unit (your phone) with the child unit (a bird-shaped camera, microphone, and temperature/humidity sensor).

(If you’re curious about wifi monitors and how they differ from traditional monitors, we have more on that here)

The Cubo shares features common to other wifi baby monitors like Nanit, Miku, Lollipop, and more (you can find all of our baby monitor reviews here):

  • Unlimited range. If your child unit is connected to wifi and your phone is connected to wifi or cellular, you can connect to your monitor.
  • Use your phone as the parent unit. No need to carry around an (often bulky) additional parent unit.
  • Strong picture quality. Since you’re using your phone’s display, if the monitor’s got a good camera, you’re going to get a good picture vs often lower-quality displays on traditional monitors.

In addition, Cubo has created a thoughtful list of features, some of which are present in other wifi monitors, some of which are not:

Covered face alerts. Cubo uses computer vision to recognize when your child’s face is covered by a blanket or swaddle. Since a covered face can be extremely dangerous for young babies, this is a really nice safety feature.

Temperature and humidity sensors and alerts. Cubo monitors temp and humidity, you can set your own allowable ranges and have your phone alert you if either falls outside of your desired range.

No visible red light on the child unit. Many baby monitors, in order to improve the monitor’s night vision, have a red light on the monitor that allows the camera to see better in the dark. (Since babies should sleep in the dark, good night vision in a baby monitor is important.) This red light, if too bright, can be distracting for babies and scary for older children.

Safe zones and a ‘fence’ for alerts. You can set a virtual ‘fence’ around your child’s crib that will let you know if she climbs out of her crib when she’s older, or set a ‘danger zone’ (your kitchen, for example) for older babies or toddlers who are crawling or walking around. If your child goes past this fence, the monitor will alert you.

Automatic photo capture and events replay. The Cubo uses its motion detection to automatically capture photos of your child moving about during the night or during naps, and you can watch video replays of your child’s night (Cubo stores 18 hours of video)

And more … Cubo has a bunch more features too—you can capture photos and video, it has a built-in nightlight, comes with a stand (some monitors sell stands separately), allows for bird’s-eye-view mounting, two-way audio, and a wide field of view.

Unboxing the Cubo baby monitor

Cubo setup and use

Like all wifi monitors, to set up Cubo you need to first download the app (free from the Apple App Store or Google Play store), and then follow the app’s instructions for connecting the child unit to your home wifi.

The setup guide in the Cubo app was well done and relatively easy—the only challenge was I had to try connecting to wifi a few times before it worked—could’ve been my wifi’s fault as this has happened with other smart devices— and my kids loved the fact that Cubo said hi during the setup process.

Once connected, you can set danger zones, allowable temperature and humidity ranges, and more.

The biggest choice for parents of babies will be where to mount your Cubo. As we’ve discussed with other baby monitor reviews, we strongly prefer a “bird’s eye view” mount, which has your monitor mounted above the crib looking straight down into it. This prevents any blind spots and gives you a great view of what your baby is doing.

Cubo’s stand allows for this type of mounting, and crucially keeps cords contained inside the stand itself, preventing the cord from being grabbed by your baby and possibly wrapped around her neck. (Cords from monitors and all other devices should be positioned at least 3 feet away from your baby’s crib for safety.)

There is no automatic pan or tilt with the Cubo, but you can manually move the camera up and down to find optimal viewing angle.

Once you’re set up, you’ll do everything from the app, which is simple and easy to use. The home screen displays the live feed, automatic photos, your child’s age, and more:

That’s me, working from my kids’ room during quarantine

There are two other tabs in the app:

  • The Alerts tab shows a history of the camera’s alerts including temperature and humidity warnings, baby cried, motion, etc.
  • The Settings tab allows you to adjust settings, get help, pair a new camera, and more.

Our Cubo baby monitor review

Ok, now that we understand what Cubo does and how it works, let’s talk about how well it works.

The awesome

Design—both real world and the app. Cubo is a well-designed product. It looks really nice, kids will love the design as they get older (the same cannot be said for some other baby monitors), and everything from the unboxing to the mobile app is well-designed and intuitive.

It just works. In part because of the design and also because of the product’s engineering, this monitor works quite well. It has strong connectivity, alerts work as designed, and it’s easy to connect quickly and understand what’s going on with your baby.

Image and sound quality. While it’s not the top of the heap when it comes to image quality, Cubo’s image quality is quite solid, and it’s audio quality is quite good. These things paired with low latency and the ability for bird’s eye view mean you can easily see, hear, and understand what’s going on with your baby.

A thoughtful feature list. We appreciated the collection of features that the Cubo baby monitor enables—temperature and humidity, rollover & covered face alerts, and safe/danger zones that allow this monitor to remain useful as your baby turns into a toddler make this monitor well-rounded and useful.

The wish it was different

No built-in white noise. Both of us here at Fathercraft are die-hard white noise believers. All night and during naps. We’ve really appreciated monitors that have built-in white noise because 1) it’s surprisingly hard to find a good white noise machine (though we do like the Hatch Rest+) and 2) it’s another thing you’ve got to plug in and manage wherever your baby is sleeping.

No high-speed scrubbing on playback. It’s pretty awesome that Cubo stores 18 hours of video footage, but you can’t scrub through it at high speed while seeing the video feed. So, if you’re looking for something, you’ve got to guess the point in the last 18 hours you’re trying to find and navigate to it. (Though you could use the alerts feed to help you, those are time-stamped.)

A verdict

Overall, I really liked this monitor, much more than I thought I would—for something so new to the market it works well and I didn’t experience bugs or finicky issues like I have when testing some other brand-new-to-market monitors.

The Cubo’s design is both fun and functional, it’s feature list is substantial and full of stuff that’s actually useful, and it’s got very good picture and sound quality. If you’re looking for a solid wifi baby monitor at a quite-reasonable price point, Cubo is a good bet.

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