Newborn baby lies awake on his back in a Newton Bassinet with blue sheets

Newton Baby Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper Review

By Matt H., Dad of 2, high school band director (no band camp jokes, please), and Ohio State football fan

Wait — my baby doesn’t sleep in a crib?! 

If you’re like we were, you might think babies sleep in their crib. You spent an hour (if you’re lucky) assembling a crib, you painted the nursery, you hung pictures and decorations, and you carefully picked out the best bedtime stories. This is where the baby will sleep… right?

Well, yes (hopefully), but it might take a few months…

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “It is recommended that infants sleep in the parents’ room, close to the parents’ bed, but on a separate surface designed for infants, ideally for the first year of life, but at least for the first 6 months.” 

What is a “separate surface designed for infants?” 

In theory, it absolutely could be that crib you just assembled — they are considered a safe “sleep surface” option for infants. However, you’re more likely to use something called a bassinet, which WebMD (aka the #1 destination for panicked 3am doom scrolls) defines as a “tall, small bed for your baby,” during the first few months. 

So, how does the Newton Baby Bassinet stack up against all the other tall and small sleep surfaces on the market  in terms of the important stuff like safety, size, portability, and price? We enlisted the help of my newborn – who frankly didn’t have a choice in the matter — to find out.

In this review, we cover:

Heads up: We received the Newton Baby Bassinet for free from the manufacturer. We didn’t promise a good review, so what you’ll read below really is honest our opinion. Also, Fathercraft is reader-supported, meaning if you click a link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission. You can read more about our disclosures and how we go about these reviews in our policies.

Newborn baby lies awake on his back in a Newton Bassinet with blue sheets
Believe it or not, he does sleep sometimes

How Does the Newton Baby Bassinet Stand Out?

Before we got the Newton Baby Bassinet, we were using an old wooden bassinet that weighed 40lbs and had been passed down through a few generations. You might think, “Oh, that’s so cool and sentimental.” Well, kind of. We got it from my wife’s aunt’s neighbor, and the only reason it was given to us is because literally no one else wanted it. So, we used that bassinet for our first son. But when baby #2 came around, we felt that we needed to join the 21st century.

And we have to say… a 21st century bassinet like this one truly does stand out. 

Some things to consider include size, portability, safety and price. If you live in a smaller house/apartment, then getting a bassinet that takes up a bunch of room isn’t always feasible. If you travel or have some sort of arrangement where the bassinet needs to be transported from room to room or house to house, the ease of transport is important as well. In terms of safety, obviously choosing something that will keep your baby safe is of utmost importance. And lastly, price could play a role in which bassinet you choose.

For us, the Newton Baby Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper checked a lot of important boxes. In the next few sections, we’ll discuss exactly how the Newton Baby Bassinet stood out to us – and where it left something to be desired. 

Now, let’s get into the specifics – just how tall and small is this baby bed? 

Bassinet Size, Dimensions, and Materials

Newton Baby says that this bassinet has the ‘largest in-class sleeping surface’. The dimensions of the mattress are 35.25″ x 18.625″, creating a ‘sleeping surface’ of 41.5’’ x 22’’. Honestly, this truly is a huge surface area for a baby to sleep in. The average 6 month old is roughly 26 inches tall, so there is still plenty of room for that baby to not feel cramped in. Our 2 month old scoots around in his sleep, and he has plenty of room to do so.

Note: It’s recommended to transition a baby out of their bassinet once they’re able to push up and roll over, usually around 4-5 months. 

When it comes to the height of the bassinet, there is a handy feature that allows you to adjust the height to 8 different positions, so that it matches the height of your bed (as long as your bed is between 19.5” and 25” from the floor to the top). This is a solid feature if you or your partner are recovering from childbirth and would like to avoid bending over to lift your baby as much as possible. 

The materials of this bassinet are a huge selling point. From an aesthetic point of view, it looks very modern and cool (a “cool” bassinet is something I never thought I’d say before I had kids). The solid Birch frame allows the bassinet to feel sturdy, but not too heavy. Additionally, the mesh/netting material that surrounds the baby is 100% breathable and machine washable. Compared to our old bassinet, this thing is night and day different. We love how it looks in our room, and we aren’t worried about our 2 year old knocking it over.

A Word About the Newton Mattress’s Materials

I’ve never seen a mattress like this one. According to Newton Baby, this mattress uses a Wovenaire core, which is  “90% air, 10% food-grade polymer [and] provides just the right amount of firmness, comfort and support for your littlest one.” As we’ll discuss a bit later, the mattress’s materials provide a “100% breathable” sleeping surface, which gives some parents a peace of mind (and seriously – it is pretty breathable; we know, because we smashed our faces into the crib-sized version of the Newton mattress a while back). Plus, even if you choose to swaddle your baby, they’ll stay comfy and cool throughout the night for what we can only hope will provide better quality sleep. 


This bassinet comes with a travel bag so you could take it apart, stuff it in the bag, and take it to go. They market the bag as also being good for storage. 
However, by no means is this a ‘travel bassinet’. It is gonna take some time and a tool to disassemble and reassemble this thing. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being impossible to transport and 10 being super easy; I’d give this one a 5. Yes, in a pinch, you can take it apart and bring it with you. But I won’t be bringing it on any weekend getaways anytime soon. We have a travel trailer and take weekend camping trips throughout the summer. I thought this bassinet could be good for setting up inside the camper, but after assembling it… well, I’ve changed my mind.

Safety Features

Now for the information we know you’re all waiting for – safety. At Fathercraft, we don’t play around with sleep safety, and Newton Baby emphasizes that this is a safer-than-average bassinet. What makes it safer than a standard bassinet? Well, it seems that there are 3 things that make it stand out:

  1. Sleeping Surface: As mentioned before, there is a lot of space in this bassinet for your baby to sleep. Our 2 month old finds a way to scoot around in the bassinet even when in his swaddle. We don’t have to worry about him moving his little body over to a corner and getting in trouble where he can’t breathe; this brings us to point number 2…
  2. Breathable Side Walls: If your little one does manage to get their face pushed up against the side of the bassinet, the material is 100% breathable. There is no concern with them getting trapped and having a breathing concern.
  3. One More Time for the Mattress: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – the mattress is also advertised as “100% breathable.” The fact that this mattress is “90% air” (so are trees, and yet my golf balls seem to always find them…) means that it’ll keep your little one nice and cool throughout the night, while you sleep easier with more peace of mind.

Price and Purchasing

A quick search on amazon shows that a somewhat comparable bassinet ranges from $150-$200. This one retails on Newton Baby’s website for $299; alternatively, you can purchase the Newton bassinet on Amazon for $299 and (if you have Prime) fast shipping. So, what’s the difference between cheaper bassinets and this one?

Where the Newton Bassinet Blends In…

  • Adjustable heights
  • Side rail can lower 
  • Attach to adult bed
  • Lightweight

Where the Newton Bassinet Stands Out…

  • Mattress design, quality, and features
  • 100% breathable side walls
  • Large sleep surface area
  • Look/aesthetic

These are the main similarities and differences that I’ve observed in comparing this bassinet to some of the best sellers on amazon. Obviously as the parent, you get to decide if these ‘stand-out’ qualities are substantial enough to pay the extra ~$100 compared to the others. 


Still have questions? We have (some) answers:

What about the Bassinet’s Sheets? 

Newton sends a 100% breathable, organic cotton muslin sheet that fits tightly to the bassinet mattress pad – so what we’re saying is your baby will have a better sheet than you do. If you want more than one of these sheets, you’ll have to buy a separate pack. 

What is “Wovenaire?” 

Wovenaire is a fancy term, patented by Newton, that refers to the mattress core’s composition. This is what makes the mattress 100% breathable. 

How Does the Newton Bassinet Compare to the Snoo? 

The most obvious difference is that the Snoo is “smart,” while the Newton Baby Bassinet won’t automatically rock your baby back to sleep. Everyone’s preferences and needs are different, and you can read our Snoo Review to help you decide. 

What is the Weight Limit for the Newton Bassinet? 

The bassinet safely supports up to 20lbs. Generally, babies are transitioned out of their bassinets around 4-5 months, before they are able to roll over. 

Will this Bassinet Solve All of My Baby’s Sleep Problems? 

Everyone knows the only way to solve all of your baby’s sleep problems is to do three cartwheels in the rain, at midnight, while singing the ABCs… backwards. 

In all seriousness, babies are babies, and they typically need time to figure out how to sleep well. The Newton Baby Bassinet can help them stay safe and cozy, but there’s no guarantee they’ll appreciate those conditions.

Final Thoughts

Newton Baby has done an outstanding job on this bassinet. The quality materials, the safety measures, the huge sleeping surface, and the overall look make it definitely worth considering when shopping for a bassinet.

If I could go back in time, knowing what I know after using this bassinet, would I buy the same one?

Yes! We have loved the Newton Baby Bassinet. I feel it is worth the price, and it offers some important features that other cheaper bassinets just don’t offer. Could it be better? I mean, everything could be better… but I don’t feel that there is a meaningful way this bassinet could improve. Like everything else, I wish it was cheaper! But when you buy this bassinet, know that you’d be getting a high quality product that you can use for multiple kids throughout the years.

Oh, and if you’ve made it this far, we take it you’re pretty heavy into baby research at the moment — so let us introduce ourselves. We’re Fathercraft. In addition to reviewing products, we create cool stuff for new parents, and have a YouTube channel full of parenting-related videos. Check them out, say hello, and let us know what you’d like us to review next!

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