Coming Soon: The Fathercraft Bag

Here’s the deal: we’re creating a kick-ass bag for dads.

You could call it a diaper bag, but then you’d be wrong. Though it will be a replacement for the diaper bag.

Why a bag? Well:

You’re secure enough to carry a polka dot kate spade diaper bag. That doesn’t mean you should.

Also, because a great bag is a great companion. It aids in and enhances the many adventures you’ll have with your kid(s).

Here are some of our priorities and the things we know about the bag so far:

– The bag will be 100% free of pastel colors, polka dots, fringe, stripes and other hallmarks of traditional diaper-bag style your wife goes gaga for.

– Speaking of your wife, you probably aren’t going to want to share this. This is for dads. For you.

– Key shit you need when you’re with your kid will be accessible. We’re minimizing zippers and other stuff that slows down access to must-have-now kid stuff.

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