The 20 best parenting blogs for new and expecting parents

After the whirlwind of emotion, activity, and exhaustion that comes with a new baby, many new parents may find themselves asking “now what?” A brand new human in the house brings along a lot of questions and concerns, especially for first timers. Luckily, there are many who have come before who offer sound advice for those just entering the fray of parenting. We’ve weeded through the pack and hand-picked 20 of the best blogs for new parents and expecting parents to keep panic at bay.

Best Overall parenting blogs

Our top entries offer advice on just about any baby topic, from bathing to activities to dealing with twins. Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming, and these blogs are a wealth of information to put your mind at ease. Many also give specific advice for areas of concern about your baby, such as colic or feeding issues. Overall, these parenting blogs have a huge range of topics and a lot of general information. 


This parenting blog offers an almost encyclopedic array of advice for your baby. In Babycenter’s “Baby Topics” section, they cover newborn babies, postpartum health, baby development, behavior, activities and play, sleep, breastfeeding, diapering, and even more. It takes a no-nonsense, reassuring tone that will put new parents’ minds at ease.

Check out: “First days at home with your baby


If you’re looking for the official word from doctors, this is the place. Every blog on Bundoo is written by a pediatrician, so it offers reassuring tips from real experts. Their baby section is extensive, covering topics like the order of appearance of your baby’s teeth, anemia in premature infants, and how much sleep your baby actually needs. Since the advice is coming from real-world doctors, it covers health issues in a no-nonsense, practical way. 

Check out: “6 different baby cries and what they mean

Mama Natural

Are a natural environment and pure, natural products a priority for your family? Mama Natural is the blog for you. Green Moms and Dads will love the down-to-earth advice on natural parenting techniques. Want to know all about amber teething necklaces? They’ve got you covered. Baby massage, the best baby carriers, and cloth diapering 101 are among the thousands of topics on this natural parenting blog. 

Check out: “Top 20 Baby Signs – Baby Sign Language

Parents Magazine

The blog on the Parents Magazine website is a vast resource for product reviews at every level of your child’s development. Let’s face it, babies need stuff, and a lot of it. For many parents, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which products are best and safest for the newest member of the family. For babies, Parents Magazine helps out with reviews on skincare products, diaper bags, baby thermometers, baby foods, swim diapers, and loads more. 

Check out: “Top 10 Best Baby Thermometers Of 2021

Aha! Parenting

With a loving tone, this parenting blog guides new parents through every phase of childhood. Aha! Parenting baby advice is family oriented, offering advice on getting siblings to accept the new baby, establishing sleep routines, and how to deal with crying. It also recommends the top books on child care that are great for new parents. 

Check out: “Cherishing your Baby

Best advice blogs for expecting Dads

While you are dealing with the anticipation and excitement of the baby on the way, you can get educated with some fantastic blogs for expecting parents. Getting pregnant, what supplies you’ll need, how dads can help, and what to expect in the delivery room are all topics that are covered in these blogs. 

What To Expect

The book “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” by Heidi Murkoff was first published in 1969. Continually updated for changing times, it has become the go-to authority on everything to do with pregnancy and childbirth. The What To Expect website was founded in 2005, and offers a blog specifically for expecting fathers. It’s a fantastic resource for partners, offering week-by-week guides, thoughtful articles about new dad’s concerns, and great ways to help your partner through the long weeks of pregnancy.

Check out: “5 Things Every Dad or Partner Should Do For a Mom-To-Be

Direct Advice for Dads

Looking for baby advice straight out of the horse’s mouth? Check out Direct Advice for Dads, a parenting blog written by average fathers. Both moms and dads will benefit from advice about childproofing your home, misconceptions about becoming a dad, and balancing career and fatherhood. It’s a good spot to get practical advice from dads who have been there. 

Check out: “My biggest misconceptions about being a dad

Pregnant Chicken

This blog takes parents along every step of the pregnancy journey. With entire sections dedicated to each trimester, Pregnant Chicken a great place for Dad to get educated about everything to do with his partner’s pregnancy. From week one of pregnancy to the first signs of labor, you’ll find plenty of informative articles here, delivered in a humorous, easy-to-read style. 

Check out: “Checklist: Setting Up a Safe Sleep Space

New Parent

Want to help your partner with all the new diet restrictions she’ll have to deal with while pregnant? New Parent offers a comprehensive blog about nutrition while pregnant. It is a great resource for soon-to-be dads to learn all about what their growing baby needs, and help their partners eat right. Learn the science behind it all with topics like vitamin D and brain development, the benefits of folic acid, and great recipes to make for your pregnant partner. 

Check out: “Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy


Our very own blog is an awesome go-to when you need new-dad advice. The Fathercraft blog explores important topics for new fathers, like baby preparation checklists, week-by-week pregnancy tips, reviews of online courses for dads, and great general advice for expectant dads to help them feel more confident and comfortable. It’s a great place to be if you believe that fatherhood will be one of your greatest adventures. 

Check out: “Preparing for your baby: timelines, to-dos, checklists, and more

Best blogs for first-time parents

When you’re having your very first baby, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s a whole, brand-new person to take care of, and there is a lot to learn. Don’t worry, because there’s a huge number of blogs just for first-time parents to put your mind at ease. 

Baby Science

First-timers can be reassured by the facts about babies and baby development. Baby Science is a blog by an emergency room pediatrician who offers a unique perspective on newborn care. Practical topics like unclogging a stuffy nose, outsmarting mosquitoes, baby jaundice, and vaccine advice. It give new parents great facts to start their parenting journey from a scientific point of view. 

Check out: “The bottom line: choosing diapers and avoiding diaper rash

The Bump

It is known as a comprehensive pregnancy website, but The Bump also has an awesome month-by-month guide for new parents. Topics cover many of the questions new parents have about sleep, milestones, breastfeeding, baby health, and more. The format makes it easy to find important information about newborns, and right through the first year. 

Check out: “Preparing for Baby’s First Trip

Pregnancy & Newborn

This online magazine has an entire section dedicated to baby care. This is ideal for first-time parents who need advice on the basics of being at home with baby. Pregnancy & Newborn gives tips on playing with your newborn, building your baby’s wardrobe, food allergies, and diaper rash. Other sections include parenting, breastfeeding, postpartum, and ask-the-experts. 

Check out: “How to safely buckle baby into her car seat


This blog has nothing to do with baby care and everything to do with baby names. After all, it is one of new parents’ most important jobs. Picking a name while you’re waiting for your baby to arrive is a fun and challenging task. There are many websites and books out there when it comes to baby names, and Namberry is one of the most extensive. Blogs about the latest baby name trends are fun reads that will help you come to this exciting decision. 

Check out: “Harry Potter Names: Beyond Harry & Hermione

Scary Mommy

This was one of the first parenting blogs out there, originally written from a new mom’s perspective. It has blown up into a worldwide mega-site for all things parenting and children, and they have an extensive babies section for new parents. A combination of humor, real-life grit, and practical advice have made Scary Mommy extremely popular with moms and dads alike, with blog posts on topics like baby snoring, postpartum depression, teaching babies to talk, and fun celebrity parent stories. 

Check out: “Baby Talk Actually Helps Kids Learn To Speak, So Keep It Up

Blogs for specific issues with babies

With all the joy that newborns bring, sometimes new parents encounter specific problems that disrupt a peaceful routine. Here are our top picks of blogs with advice on specific issues with newborn babies. 

Pediatric Sleep Council

There is nothing more stressful and exhausting than a baby who won’t sleep. Trouble with your newborn’s sleep schedule causes distress for parents and baby alike. Luckily, the Pediatric Sleep Council is here to help. Their blog covers extremely helpful and important topics such as sleep safety, how to help a baby sleep when they are teething, sleep myths, and what to do if your baby hates their crib. 

Check out: “What do I do if I think my baby is sleeping too much?

The NICU Dad

If your newborn has to be in the NICU at the hospital, life turns into an emotional and physical rollercoaster. The NICU Dad was created to help new parents through this difficult time. It is written specifically for NICU dads to get valuable information, share stories, and find out they are not alone as they go through this life-changing experience. 

Check out: “My NICU Journey…67 Days in the NICU

Baby FoodE

Not sure what to do once breastfeeding or formula days are over? Baby FoodE covers everything to do with feeding your baby natural, nutritious food you make at home. This informative and fun blog tells you everything you need to know about making baby food, including the tools, ingredients, and recipes. Soon you’ll be the neighborhood expert on carrot puree and homemade baby rice cereal.

Check out: “15 Stage One Baby Food Purees (4-6 Months)

The Fussy Baby Site

While it is quite common for newborn babies to be fussy, it can be very distressing and disruptive to parents. Moms and dads wonder if they are doing anything wrong, and need advice on how to calm the baby down. The Fussy Baby Site offers rational advice on how to deal with babies who are fussy for a variety of reasons, such as colic, transitions from place to place, “high needs” babies, and sleep difficulties. 

Check out: “How to Help Your Child With Transitions


Just about everything new parents need to know about keeping their babies safe is on SafeKids. Your child’s safety is always your top priority, and this blog lends a hand with articles about how to install your car seat properly, product safety recalls, nursery furniture reviews, fire safety, and choking prevention. It is full of important and helpful advice on how to keep your baby safe and healthy at all times. 

Check out: “5 Tips for New Parents During Baby Safety Month

To recap, the top 20 parenting blogs we recommend for new and expecting parents are:

  1. Babycenter
  2. Bundoo
  3. Mama Natural
  4. Parents Magazine
  5. Aha! Parenting
  6. What To Expect
  7. Direct Advice For Dads
  8. Pregnant Chicken
  9. New Parent
  10. Fathercraft
  11. Baby Science
  12. The Bump
  13. Pregnancy & Newborn
  14. Nameberry
  15. Scary Mommy
  16. Pediatric Sleep Council
  17. The NICU Dad
  18. Baby Foodie
  19. The Fussy Baby Site
  20. SafeKids

Parenting blogs aren’t the only place to find great advice. There are many great parenting books out there, as well as podcasts, websites, community groups, and of course, experienced family members. New parents can also browse our resources here at Fathercraft, a company dedicated to providing solutions for both new and experienced dads. Find out more about all our tools for the modern father here. You got this!

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