Evenflo wagon in a field

Evenflo Pivot Xplore Wagon Review

Look, it’s a bird!

No, it’s a plane!!

No – it’s a wagon…stroller…thing… it’s the Evenflo Pivot Xplore Wagon!!

So, which is it? A stroller or a wagon? Technically a wagon. But you’ll likely find yourself using it like a stroller more often than not. How? We’ll get into that later. 

If you have the need for something bigger than just a single stroller, the Evenflo wagon is definitely something to check out. Whether you have 1 child and a bunch of stuff, or 2 kids, this wagon is up for the task. After using this wagon at the zoo, the beach, camping trips and simply walking around the neighborhood, I have a pretty good feel for what makes this wagon awesome, and maybe not-so awesome. We’re going to cover:

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Let’s get started!


Evenflo really markets 2 main features of this wagon: the easy switch from push to pull, and the all-terrain design. Those two features are plastered all over the website, description and graphics when checking out this thing. So let’s talk about those two features. 


The handle bar is very sturdy. It feels super solid when pushing in stroller mode. It is also extremely easy to adjust the length of the handle to accommodate those with longer legs (no kicking the back of the wagon when trying to walk!). 

The Evenflo Pivot in wagon (pull) mode

To switch from stroller mode (push) to wagon mode (pull) is also extremely easy. Two latches allow you to swing the handlebar over into wagon mode. I found that wagon mode is much better for going through grass, dirt, gravel or sand.

Lookin’ good in the sand, and making you look good by making it look easy.


So, is it really all-terrain? I’d say YES! We’ve taken this thing camping and gone through grass, dirt trails and gravel. We’ve also taken it to the beach and used it to haul a cooler, bag, beach chairs and umbrella through the sand with no issues. The wheels are big and sturdy enough to handle bumpy terrain. 

A boy being pushed in an Evenflo wagon on a trail through the woods

Cool Features

Storage is plentiful on this wagon. There is a removable tray that snaps right in the middle of the wagon for the kids to put cups and snacks. There are cup holders all around the wagon. There is also a movable/removable storage bin that can be placed in the front or back of the wagon (or taken off all together). 

Add-ons sold separately include a “toddler seat or car seat with adapter for flexible seating arrangements”. You can find these configurations on the company’s site + on Amazon.


2-year-old Micah making assembly look like the breeze that it is

Assembling the wagon was very easy. It only needed a hex wrench (included), but that was only needed for one of the steps.  Everything else snapped into place with ease.  The instructions were very clear, and piecing things together was super intuitive. It took less than 10 minutes to fully assemble, and that was with my 2 year old “helping” out.  Even though this wagon is larger than our single stroller, the assembly was quicker and easier.

Things I Love


This stroller feels super durable.  It feels like it can take a beating – loading it in/out of vehicles, weighing it down with kids and gear, pushing over dirt, gravel or rocky terrain, etc.  I have never worried about the wheels breaking.  I haven’t worried about the weight capacity.  The wagon is solid and there don’t seem to be any weak points.

Wagon-Stroller Switch

It is so easy to switch from wagon to stroller.  I’ve had times when I’m pushing on concrete and need to go off into grass or gravel, and I can switch in literally 3 seconds.  It is really convenient to not have limitations on where I can go with this wagon.

Smooth Ride

Pushing this thing on concrete or blacktop is nice and smooth.  While it is a big, heavy stroller, it is very easy to push.  The big wheels help with this; once you get rolling, you don’t have to work too hard.  My wife has no issue pushing kids around the zoo in this stroller.


Folding the wagon up for storage/transportation is really easy and intuitive.  There are simply two buttons, one on each side, that you push and allow the entire wagon to collapse in half.  The handlebar can easily fold in as well, taking up less room.  To open up, just push those two buttons and the wagon swings back out to its full form.  I can prep the wagon for transport in less than 5 seconds.

Things I Don’t Love

The Weight

This stroller is big, and because it is so sturdy; it is kind of heavy.  It weighs nearly 35 pounds.  Lifting it into the back of a truck, minivan or SUV isn’t light work, and depending on how tall the person is vs how high off the ground the vehicle is, it could be a bit cumbersome for loading/unloading.  It isn’t ridiculous, and I’m not sure they could make it lighter without sacrificing the durability….but, it is what it is.


Like almost any wagon that can fit 2 kids, this thing doesn’t exactly collapse down into a small box.  It folds in half, but still takes up a decent amount of room.  I drive a Mazda3, and it will not fit in my trunk.  So, before you buy this (or any large wagon/stroller), just know that you need a vehicle that can provide the room needed to transport this thing around.

An Evenflo Pivot Xplore folded up
Folded up, though not exactly what you might call ‘compact’

“Removable” Fabric

This is probably my biggest complaint. The fabric covering the seats/inside lining of the wagon looks removable.  And, technically, it is removable.  BUT, in order to do so, you have to unzip all the way around the wagon (I thought that’s all you had to do at first) and remove several screws that not only hold the fabric in place, but also different plastic parts.  There are probably 8-10 screws that would need to be removed in order to take the liner out.  So, if your little one spills their cookies (literally or figuratively) and you want to toss the liner in the washing machine…it might be a process.

No Snoozing

Another main drawback from this specific wagon that others don’t seem to have is that there is no way for your kid to lay down.  The area where your little ones put their feet makes it awkward for them to do anything other than sit straight up.  Some people on the internet have measured that space and purchased a container to fill the void, creating a flat surface across the bottom of the wagon.  But, obviously, this would be less than ideal if you want to create a good spot for a little nap while on the go.

Final Verdict

Is it Worth the Money?

Yes.  This wagon feels like it will last forever, I can see our family using it in several types of situations where it would be better than a double stroller and it just simply looks cool.  I enjoy pushing/pulling it around, and the versatility makes it extremely useful. Ready for it? Here’s a link to the Xplore on Amazon.

Why This and not That?

Compared to other wagons out there, the selling point for me is the versatility mentioned above.  I’m not worried about it having a hard time going over rocks/gravel.  Dirt trails, sand, grass; no issues at all.  I’m not worried about it getting banged up or damaged.  Once again, the only reason I’d buy a different wagon would be if having my kid take naps in the wagon was a big priority.  For our family – my son takes naps in a dark room.  When he’s in the wagon, its party time.  BUT, if being able to sleep on the go is important to your family – I’d take that into consideration.

Compared to a double stroller, again, the ability to take this wagon anywhere is a big plus for me.  The only thing that a double stroller might do better is allow both kids to face forward.

If you’re wondering how the Evenflo Pivot Xplore (Amazon) compares to other wagon-strollers, you might check out our Wonderfold W2 review right over here. Or you can browse our full collection of stroller reviews.

Pricing and where to buy

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore is available on Amazon with Prime shipping. As of publish date, the list price was $399 with Amazon offering discounts from time to time.

The Pivot Xplore is also available from the company’s website, BuyBuyBaby, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

So, what’s next?

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