Prepare yourself
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People love Father’s Ed


Prepare yourself
for parenthood


People love Father’s Ed


What our customers are saying

Awesome videos that are well-researched and very informative. But is the accompanying workbook that is my favorite part. It’s packed with checklists and important facts, perfect for referencing while you watch the videos and after your baby arrives. Worth every penny!

Jeff P.

I’ve recommended it to all of my fellow expectant dads. It’s been the resource & community I hoped to find but didn’t expect to. Everything is well-researched and organized. I’ve relied heavily on the workbook in conjunction with the videos, particularly the checklists. My wife has starting using it, too.

Scott M.

My wife was rattled that I didn’t take the prenatal classes that were Via Zoom and I stumbled across your website and found it was significantly way more interesting to follow and digest the information. Had it playing on our TV and my wife loved the delivery of info.


100% recommend to any new family who is expecting. Easy and entertaining videos that can be watched after work… We signed up for three different online parenting/baby classes. This was easily the most comprehensive and the only one we stuck to watching.

Kate F.

Father’s Ed: an online parenting course for dads-to-be

A comprehensive system to help you prepare for the birth of your child

Parenting books are great, but are you really going to read them? Learn by seeing parenting skills in action; watch John imitate The Count from Sesame Street. Just hearing this stuff before your baby is born will be helpful.

Over 80 pages filled with actionable checklists, helpful resources, key take-aways and room to take notes.

For everything from developmental milestones to sleep schedules and pre-birth paperwork must-dos.

Learn how to help your child become a great sleeper with Dr. Natalie Barnett, PhD, pediatric sleep expert and Director of Research at Nanit, and hear about car seat safety from an actual firefighter (filmed at the firehouse!)

Father's Ed Stories

We absolutely love it.

John is very entertaining too. In comparison to the class at the hospital, we found that the material is not as similar as we thought. The hospital provided a scientific perspective of pregnancy and what women should expect,

Father’s Ed has covered everything in between.

The module discussing wills and insurance was fantastic and not nearly as painful as John said it would be, and the gear module was very informative. I really appreciate the messages about safe sleep too.

Picture of Steven C.

Steven C.

Expert advice you don’t want to miss

Recommendations on sleep, supporting your partner, and more

Do you like Australian accents and sleep recommendations from a woman with a PhD in genetics? So do we! That’s why we flew to NYC for a 2-day shoot with a pediatric sleep expert.

John also grills a firefighter on home & car safety.

Father's Ed Stories

I am so happy I purchased the course.

Father’s Ed has exactly the type of information I was hoping to get. A lot of the admin prep I never would have thought of until our baby was born, and the module on healthcare and doctors visits is just so damn good. John’s delivery is spot on too.

The videos are informative and entertaining,

I’ve been using all the checklists in the Father’s Ed workbook and have been using it regularly to look up information. Now that the baby is here, it’s been very handy as a quick reference or for a deeper dive into a topic when necessary. Fathercraft to the rescue again!

Picture of Sam K.

Sam K.

Course Summary

9 modules to make you a skilled and confident parent

Master calendar and milestones | 2 Videos

The macroeconomics portion of the course, covering overall trends in the first 3 months of life, important pre-birth to do’s, and a very special episode of Saved by the Bell.

Preparing for your baby’s arrival | 2 Videos

Checklists! Instructions! An entire video devoted to admin and paperwork! It’s not glamorous but it is important. We’ll help you get organized and stay on top of it all.

Health and visiting the doctor | 4 Videos

Selecting a pediatrician, getting the most from doctor’s visits, health at home, and urgent health concerns to watch out for. And then, John channels Taran Killam channeling Robyn.

The hospital & when your baby is born | 3 Videos

Touring hospitals, what to pack, what to expect, and how to support your partner. Includes relationship-preserving soft skills, logistics, and Enya.

The first weeks at home & the basics of babies | 2 Videos

Prepare your house, prepare your dog, prepare to be riveted. Plus, how to soothe your crying baby and weird newborn stuff that’s totally normal

Skills | 5 Videos

Hold your baby, feed your baby, change a diaper, bathe, play, and interact with your baby. Learn how to maneuver tiny delicate limbs into uncooperative onesies, what sound a rhino makes, and so much more.

Safety | 3 Videos

Learn about all the potentially dangerous chemicals and beard oils in your home, how to prevent SIDS and SUID, and what your newborn has in common with a drunken frat boy.

Essential gear | 6 Videos

Can you be a minimalist parent? Probably not. But you don’t need everything. See what’s actually necessary for sleep, feeding, cleaning, clothing, and moving your baby from here to there.

Sleep | 5 Videos

Sleep expert Natalie Barnett guides you through sleep tools and strategies, bedtime rituals, safe sleep info, and a chilling Australian bedtime story. Learn the building blocks to making your baby a great sleeper.

Note – Our Baby Sleep School course is a standalone version of this module.

Father's Ed Stories

These modules are great.

I even watched some videos twice, there’s so much useful information. It’s even better how real you guys keep it.  I went from a nervous wreck to not being afraid of what was coming next, and I have to thank you guys for that.

I feel more and more confident.

The website along with the workbook has made things so smooth for me, my wife even jokingly asked if I had children before or if I read some baby books. I treated Fathercraft almost like a frat, lol. 

Picture of Kendal O.

Kendal O.

Hi, we're John and Paul

We’re dads to 4 kids & co-founders of Fathercraft.

We created Father’s Ed for our former selves. We wanted to be involved dads, but we were scared and didn’t know where to start.

Now we have the skills and knowledge to co-parent in style. We built a course to help other parents prepare, so they can relax and enjoy the journey.

Father's Ed Stories

Kristin and I got a great deal of confidence

from your course, which really did help us feel more prepared as we freaked out that the baby decided to arrive so early. We had our go bags practically packed, we knew how to navigate inside the hospital, we exhausted our OB/GYN with questions thanks to you, and we already had most of the essential gear ready to go at home!

The thing that helped me most immediately

believe it or not, is when John talked about the six main reasons babies cry. Completely true and laying that out ahead of time reduces the “uh ohh” factor in trying to discern what a newborn’s cry might signify. I’m a proud and slightly more confident new Dad.

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 4.57.45 PM
Picture of Scott N.

Scott N.

Emails from moms

Ok, here's the plan!

Watch this video to learn how the course works

Why Father's Ed?


Father's Ed

An online course for dads-to-be.

People love Father’s Ed

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Course Content

Lesson 1: An introduction (12:53)

Lesson 1: What to expect when (10:54)
Lesson 2: What you need to do when (9:30)

Lesson 1: Do this while your baby is buffering (10:52)
Lesson 2: Administrative (7:08)

Lesson 1: How to select a pediatrician (6:25)
Lesson 2: Getting the most from doctor’s visits (8:56)
Lesson 3: Health at home (8:20)
Lesson 4: Urgent health concerns to watch for (11:21)

Lesson 1: Touring hospitals and the birth plan (5:50)
Lesson 2: What to pack and last minute stuff (4:15)
Lesson 3: What to expect (15:22)

Lesson 1: How to adjust and not freak out (9:05)
Lesson 2: How to calm a crying baby and more (11:16)

Lesson 1: Hold your baby (8:54)
Lesson 2: Feed your baby (8:41)
Lesson 3: Change a diaper (6:39)
Lesson 4: Bathe and clothe your baby (7:04)
Lesson 5: Play and interact (8:00)

Lesson 1: Safety in the home (6:36)
Lesson 2: SIDS and SUID (5:51)
Lesson 3: Transporting your baby (8:31)

Lesson 1: Essential gear tips and tricks (3:52)
Lesson 2: Gear for cleaning, diapering, and health (6:58)
Lesson 3: Gear for feeding (4:02)
Lesson 4: Gear for moving your baby (4:57)
Lesson 5: Gear for sleep (5:27)
Lesson 6: Selecting a baby monitor (4:13)

Lesson 1: Newborns and sleep—what to expect (7:11)
Lesson 2: Building blocks of great sleep (8:43)
Lesson 3: Sleep skills and nighttime routines (15:47)
Lesson 4: How to make your baby a great sleeper (12:18)
Lesson 5: Fact or fiction? (3:07)

Lesson 1: Conclusion and next steps (6:12)

What parents are saying about Father's Ed

Scott and Kristin
Sam and Anna

The FAQs of Life

How is Father’s Ed different than a class at my local hospital?

We’re actually not going to answer this one. Our customer Steven C. is: “In comparison to the class at the hospital, we found that the material is not as similar as we thought. The hospital provided a scientific perspective of pregnancy and what women should expect during the course of their pregnancy and the labor process. They also gave a tour of the hospital and discussed hospital protocol and policy. One of the most helpful things they taught was infant CPR … We’ve found that the Fathers Ed course has covered everything in between.”

Can I give the course as a gift?

Absolutely. Gifting Father’s Ed is a great way to tell your husband/boyfriend/son-in-law to get his shit together before the baby comes (but in a nice way). Just sign up as yourself, email us ( and we’ll transfer the membership to him. We’re even working on a line of e-cards that show you care about him, and that you’ll be anxiously awaiting his confirmation he’s completed the course.

If you need any help with gifting, hit the chat button in the bottom-right or email us at

What are some of your core beliefs about parenting?

We believe that educated parents are better parents. There are a million decisions for parents to make, and lots of them don’t have clear answers, at least without the right information. We believe in having fun and enjoying the ride—if you’re having fun, you’re going to be a better dad.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Father’s Ed is a self-paced, on-demand video course.

You’ll have lifetime access but, the real clock on you is your baby’s due date. You can still get value from the course after your baby is born, but we strongly recommend you complete it ahead of time—firstly, there’s key info about the pre-birth time and the actual birth, secondly, you aren’t going to have a whole lot of free time afterward.

Is the content just common sense? Can I find this info elsewhere for free?

Father’s Ed is built on a foundation of rock-solid research from trusted sources, organized so it’s logical and useful to new parents. Then we added unbridled enthusiasm. Tips, tools, ideas from experts, what has and what hasn’t worked for us as parents to 4 kids. There’s lots of good, free, parenting info on the internet. There’s also a lot of crap and misinformation. With Father’s Ed, we’ve curated the best from experts, added our own first-hand knowledge, and organized it to be fun and helpful to watch. Don’t take our word for it though, check out customer reviews of Father’s Ed.

Can I add Father’s Ed to my registry?

If you’re using Babylist, just use their bookmark bar tool to add Father’s Ed.

Do I really need to take a course to learn how to be a dad?

You can try to learn how to feed a baby from a diagram in a book, or you can watch a video and see a dad actually do it. While nothing can replace hands-on experience, Father’s Ed can give you the tools and the confidence to help make you a great parent.

5 hours of video content? Are you kidding me? I can barely make it through the 15-minute training videos I have to watch at work.

Our scriptwriter actually wrote a bunch of corporate training videos that went viral, so you’re in good hands.

I’m a mom-to-be, should I take the course?

Here’s Father’s Ed student Steven C:

“My wife didn’t think she was going to get into it with me, but it turns out she is hooked. John is very entertaining too.”

We wrote Father’s Ed with dads-to-be in mind, and John and I are obviously dads ourselves (though our scriptwriter is a woman). 

It’s your call. One idea: buy it for your partner, watch some together, see what happens.

My baby’s already born, should I take the course?

Much of the course will be helpful and relevant if your baby is 1-3 months old, but not all of it. Seeing as you’ve already aced the birth and delivery module, maybe skip that one.

What if I’m unhappy with the course?

We’ll build a gigantic pillow fort and go in there and cry, probably. But, if you’re unhappy for any reason, just let us know, we’ll refund you. We offer a 30-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

How does the guarantee work?

Look, we get the fact that the prospect of taking an online parenting class from a company you learned about very recently involves a leap of faith. 

However we put our hearts and souls and hundreds and hundreds of hours of hard work and research into Father’s Ed, and we stand by it 100%.

So, give it a try and if you don’t like it, we’ll give you a 100% refund for up to 30 days. It’s as simple as that. There are no forms to fill out. No hidden buttons you have to find. There’s nothing you have to return at your expense (or at all). You just send us an email at, we’ll process your refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Is there a test at the end?

Just the one where you actually hold the fate of a tiny human life in your hands. Aside from that, once you complete all the video content, email us [] a picture of a final filled in page in your workbook with your address, and we’ll send you something cool.

What happens if I need help or have a question?

We’re here for you. We can’t answer medical questions, but your pediatrician can, and part of the course is designed to help you find a great one.

What payment options do you offer?

We offer all major forms of credit card, and you can also pay by PayPal.

What if I’m outside the U.S.?

Great! We’ll get you digital course access within about 5 minutes. Your workbook may take a bit longer to arrive, but we ship anywhere in the world.

It’s also worth noting that when it comes to logistics—insurance, paperwork, etc., and the gear we discuss in the course, we are U.S.-centric, so not all of it will apply. (Though our favorite car seat is Italian and our favorite all-around stroller is British.)

But, at least in our opinion, most of the parenting principles are universal.

And, new dads around the world seem to agree! We’ve had customers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, England, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and Vietnam. 

I have a giant hipster beard and I noticed that fake-ass beard in the course trailer video. Are you planning on mercilessly making fun of me?


How does Father’s Ed compare to other new dad classes online & parenting courses for fathers?

Umm it’s beyond compare. Just kidding, there are other solid parenting classes for dads online. We’re biased obviously, but in Father’s Ed we focused on a few things: 1) being comprehensive. A lot of what we’ve found out there is focused, but not comprehensive. 2) being well-researched. We put hundreds of hours of research into Father’s Ed using ironclad sources, so you know the info is rock-solid. 3) being fun. If you aren’t having fun while learning, you’re not going to learn as much (or worse you’ll quit). We guarantee Father’s Ed will entertain you, or your money back.

Plus, while we take our material seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. And we have better t-shirts. Put that all together, we think it’s the best of parenting classes for dads out there. And again, let us prove it to you—try Father’s Ed for 30 days. If you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

Tell me about this workbook

The Father’s Ed workbook is designed to be the perfect companion to the course.

It’s 82 pages of supplemental info, checklists, charts, and more.

“Workbook” is a bit of a misnomer as there’s no work to do, but we do leave space to take notes.

You’ll get instant access to the downloadable PDF version of the workbook, and we’ll ship out the spiral-bound copy right away after you purchase Father’s Ed, usually the same day.

Do you offer a military, first responder, or teacher discount?

We do. Shoot us an email for more information.

Question we didn’t answer?
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      1. C
        Chris S Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        There is so much information out there about parenthood that it can all be a little overwhelming. Father’s Ed is a terrific way to absorb what you need to know in an insightful and entertaining way. You can watch the videos while you’re on the go or find a spare moment at home. John is an entertaining and genuine presenter with a knack for putting your mind at ease. The workbook is a terrific companion that can be used to follow on, take notes or refer back to. I’ve found it invaluable so far and will no doubt keep coming back to it for reminders. Thanks Paul and John for creating such a great space for new Dads/Dads to be.

      2. J
        Jerry Nicely Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Me and the mother of my child split up before she gave birth. I lost out on trying to learn how to be a dad. Then I found this course and I feel more prepared as a single dad than ever before. Thank you Fathercraft for making this course. Really appreciate you guys.

      3. S
        Sean H Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        I am highly enjoying the Father’s Ed course. I was looking for an affordable course with easily time manageable modules. The information is well summarized and categorized in each video. I also picked this program specifically for the workbook which is good quality and has a summary and checklist of all the important information. I plan on gifting this course to any future fathers that I know.

      4. J
        Jim P Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        I’m a first-time father-to-be, and this course has been wonderfully informative about all the things I sorta knew about and many things that were completely new to me. The videos are well-organized and easily digestible. More than anything, the course helped me to feel more confident about what is to come!

      5. E
        Ernesto G Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        As being a first time father my partner wanted me to take classes and have an idea for what to expect from the hospital to the new born coming to the house and everything in between and I was stressing where to start and which classes are better I came across Fathers Ed. Showed my partner this website as she has kids on her own as she approves it as it goes along how to carry a baby, feeding (and if not breast feeding then formula) and most importantly sleep. I loved the modules very detailed and very funny dad puns which I can use later. I am now confident with now my a week and 1 day year old baby and I’m glad I took this class.

      6. P
        Preston B Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Fathercraft is a fun way to learn about our upcoming baby’s do’s and don’t. This is my third training course (I am a preparer) and the information covered + checklists provided are top notch. If you are looking to be engaged while learning about your future baby I highly recommend taking this course.

      7. R
        Ryan Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Great videos! Very entertaining and helpful. Each module is not too long and easy to follow with the workbook. Learning a lot as a first time dad.

      8. C
        Chris O Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        I feel much more prepared after taking this course. My wife and I had no idea how to do basic baby skills, so this course saved us the awkwardness of learning on the fly.

      9. G
        Greg Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Very useful. We have taken several classes and read several books and this still had useful information we did not know. Appreciated that paperwork was one of the topics.

      10. J
        Jaime G Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Wanted to say that Father’s Ed is is awesome. Sadly I have a 3 month old daughter and am going thru a divorce, but because of this course I am allowed more time alone with her because I have the basic tools to soothe, change and care for her. Thank you so much!!

      11. R
        Ryan E Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Has been very helpful giving me more confidence and a plan as an soon to be dad.

      12. J
        Jerry L Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Great course for new/expecting dads. The course lines up well with other courses I’m taking and asks some pretty good questions for your spouse as well as doctors. I would highly recommend this course!

      13. F
        Frank F Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Great resource for first-time dad’s to get comfortable with the basics. It’s presented in an entertaining way and in short snippets to make it easy to bounce in and out at your own pace.

      14. M
        Matt S Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Amazing! Clear, consice, fun, learn at your own pace!

      15. A
        Andrew D Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Finding out my wife was pregnant brought on all the feelings you would expect a lot of joy and a lot of fear. I’ve always known that I wanted kids, I’ve been picking up on things my friends and family who have had children before us for years. Immediately after finding out my wife was pregnant, I knew I needed a trusted all-in-one place for the real details of what to expect, and I am so grateful that I found Fathercraft. I love the structure of the content, the digestible segments. The videos are lighthearted while being educational and informative. I still have 3 months (hopefully) before our baby arrives, but I feel a lot more confident in my understanding of what to expect and how to be a supportive partner now and in the future. I know we can’t plan for everything, but knowing what to expect and anticipate has helped me through this process immensely. The price tag is a drop in the bucket to feel the comfort I do. Huge thanks to John and Paul for all the work that goes into these courses. I can’t express my appreciation enough.

      16. A
        Andrew L Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        This course has been great! The fact that I was going to become a Dad hit me pretty hard early on and I was really anxious about not being prepared. This course has been awesome in demystifying parenting and making me feel ready for everything to come. Thanks Paul and John!!!

      17. E
        Eoin C Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        About 80% through the course so far and really enjoying it! The humor backed by AAP facts (they convinced me to buy the book) is a solid foundation for fatherhood. The only downside is that my wife wants to watch with me, so I can’t binge without her. Definitely recommend to all fathers (or mothers/partners/etc) to be!

      18. R
        Rory Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        The course was extremely helpful. My wife has a lot of experience with babies, being the youngest, so she has helped raise her brother’s kids from infancy. I, on the other hand, have no experience and don’t even like to hold babies, so it’s fair to say I needed to learn a thing or two. Father’s Ed was packed full of great knowledge and built an excellent foundation for me on what’s to come. My well-read and researched wife also learned some new things, so it’s worth taking for anyone, regardless of beliefs or how you plan on parenting. I would recommend it to any father-to-be who has no experience with babies and is looking for an easy, effective, and low-key way to take in critical information on what’s to come.

      19. D
        Daniel G Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Really enjoyed this program put together for dads. Found it really helpful, especially with a lot of the basics. Definitely recommend!

      20. C
        Cyprian K Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        After consuming countless books, podcasts, blogs, and texts from friends, I can definitely say this course delivers. It summarizes the points an expecting father needs in order to feel confident and empowered. To understanding the relative risk level of daily tasks is really helpful at alleviating stress.

      21. C
        Chris smithson Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Working in IT, i am used to spending HOURS in front of web training and they can be terribly boring, but these FatherCaft classes are not that. They really do help you figure out the “how” of being a responsible father of a newborn vs the “what” of being a father… think the difference between how to hammer a nail and how to build a treehouse. Also, the folks running this program are responsive around questions or issues you have with anything at all, and have made my experience very positive!

      22. K
        Keegan Kimmerer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        The folks at Fathercraft have done an amazing job putting this information together! Its easy to digest, a bit entertaining, and doesnt take up too much of your time. Don’t think you need this course? Guess again! I have tried to learn everything there is to know from Google searches- and I’ve learned a lot. But somehow John keeps sneaking in things I’ve never heard of. The course often cites the AAP book so you know the information is legit. Not only that, John and Paul are experienced fathers themselves and have put in the time to tell you what baby products, methods, etc. work and don’t work. Let me tell ya, I’m not very excited about sucking boogers out of my son’s nose (just watch the videos) but John and Paul stand by it.

        All in all, I feel much more confident in my ability to not mess this up. Sincere thanks to John and Paul from Michigan!

      23. D
        Daniel Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Father’s Ed is a great beginning step for dads-to-be. The course is broken down into easily digestible modules and the whole course is only 5 hours so you can’t say you don’t have the time (and if you really think you don’t, then you definitely won’t after baby time so you might as well suck it up and do it now). The course is full of the awful sort of dad jokes that show the creators have been parents for a while. It won’t do the work for you but it’ll give you the groundwork to know most of the big ticket things you need to go do or learn and it’ll give you a clue as to what to talk to your partner about. Overall it’s easy to tell that Paul, John, and the rest of the team care about this information and want to set you on you’re way to being a great dad. Thanks for the course!

      24. C
        Curtis Chapman Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        FATHERCRAFT is truly an invaluable learning experience (and support resource) to expecting fathers. The way lessons are presented in a “take it at your pace” format with attention to each learning style makes this a true win. My favorite part of the course is the additional links presented in the workbook or video descriptions (not always in both!) that let me easily research the specific information mentioned in each segment if I so choose. Incredibly encouraging; science backed; and the material is clearly made by fathers with a love for their families. I feel more confident in my ability to be a first time father since starting these courses.

        Thank you John!

      25. E
        Erin Krueger Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Excellent course with an easy to understand and fun presentation. All the important information given and also hints and tips. And Dad jokes! My husband and I are watching through this in preparation for our adoption and we’re both enjoying it. The confidence given is a lifesaver. We also love the fact that it’s broken down into bite-sized videos in the modules. 6-7 mins or 10 mins max. So doable with our busy schedule. Thank you!!

      26. J
        Jake O Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        First time dad here. I loved the course because it presented the information in an easy to understand way and in real world examples. The short videos and workbook made it perfect to be able to work on it as you had time in 10-15 minute chunks. I had multiple nurses at the hospital and family say how shocked they were I looked so comfortable with our newborn and I owe it to Father’s Ed!

      27. N
        Nick R Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        I’m a first time expectant father and couldn’t be happier with the Father’s Ed course.

        The course content and delivery are really great. When I found out that we were expecting a child, I felt a strange combination of extreme joy and uncertainty. The joy was for obvious reasons; the uncertainty was due to the whole universe of baby-related stuff about which I knew next to nothing. To put it mildly, I don’t like unknown unknowns. Father’s Ed did a great job of introducing me to what’s ahead in a manner that didn’t stress me out, even when discussing inherently stressful topics like what to do in health-related emergencies. The content of the Father’s Ed videos was excellent and covered nearly everything I needed to know right now to help me to enjoy the excitement of bringing a person into this world without feeling the need to excessively dwell on all of the things that I don’t know yet. And, as great as the content is, the thoughtful and light-hearted delivery is where the course really shines.

        Also, the written course materials are awesome and saved me a ton of time that I would’ve otherwise spent making lists and checklists. That alone was worth the price of the course for me.

      28. O
        Oli Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Good guide

      29. S
        Scott H Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Father’s Ed was a huge help for me ramping up to the birth of my son-
        They presented the essentials for parenting in a way that was effective and entertaining.

        Other resources like parenting books were daunting because they were lengthy books that were an information overload.

        These guys did a fantastic job walking me thru the need to knows and providing resources for additional research.

        We delivered our son last week and I feel confident and empowered to be a great dad in large part due to Father’s Ed

        Keep up the good work guys!

      30. A
        Amr Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        This class redefines edutainment – entertaining throughout and definitely loaded with high quality education! I recommend starting here for all dads, especially first time-dads (like me)! I went through the class quickly to get a good idea of what’s covered and what I need to know and am going through it again now while following the workbook. Do yourself a favor and sign-up!

      31. H
        Halo Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Worth every penny. As a person that’s never even been around a newborn, I had no idea what to do. I feel much more confident and alot less nervous due to the tutorials and product reviews. We have literally ordered every product they recommended. Thanks again!

      32. J
        Josh D Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Fathercraft has been an awesome resource for my wife and I through her first pregnancy. They do a good job of keeping the videos entertaining and, at times, hilarious!

      33. E
        Emilio Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        As a first time dad, this was a phenomenal resource. The videos were entertaining, presented in easily digestible segments, and provided a wealth of practical information. The course really helped me feel like I had a solid foundation going in to this whole new adventure!

      34. S
        Steve H Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Informative and entertaining, taking this course has given me confidence that I will be able to face the challenges of becoming a father! Thanks guys!

      35. J
        Joe Whitacre Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        I took the Father’s Ed course after doing some research on the best ways to prepare for fatherhood, and I can say now that the course has been a huge help as my wife and I prepared for and welcomed our son into this world. The videos are clear in terms of the educational material they provide, and concise enough to get a ton of relevant information across without dragging on. On top of that, they are funny and relatable. The workbook that comes with the course is a great resource for checklists, and the bulletized format makes it easy to digest and review. I would strongly recommend this course to any father or father-to-be.

      36. P
        Pradeep Giri Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        As first time parents, this is exactly the kind of practical parenting advice my wife and I were looking for. Yes this is called “Father”Craft, but my wife has enjoyed it just as much as me. Irreverent with dad jokes aplenty, this is also genuinely informative and helpful. Covers all the necessary topics and helped us feel so much more prepared. Well worth the money!

      37. A
        AJ Castro Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        This course has a distinct focus for fathers. — These guys are the big-brothers I don’t have. I’m a soon-to-be dad, and although a lot of information on the internet, most of it is geared towards mothers. Yet as mentioned above, Fathercraft has a father-centric program. This course is worth about 100 times what is being charged. More importantly, imagine money is no object: the information is constantly a lot of “WOW I didn’t realize that”. If you are on the fence about buying this, just click buy and then hit play. The information is really that good.

      38. J
        Jeff P Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Awesome videos that are well-researched and very informative. But is the accompanying workbook that is my favorite part. It’s packed with checklists and important facts, perfect for referencing while you watch the videos and after your baby arrives. Worth every penny!

      39. M
        Mike T Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        A great deal of help and gave me confidence helping and supporting my wife through labor and afterwards.

      40. C
        Cory Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Wonderful! Very educational and entertaining!

      41. S
        Scott M Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Father’s Ed is awesome, and I’ve recommended it to all of my fellow expectant dads. It’s been the resource & community I hoped to find but didn’t expect to. Everything is well-researched and organized. I’ve relied heavily on the workbook in conjunction with the videos, particularly the checklists. My wife has starting using it, too, and is a huge fan.

      42. M
        Matt S. Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Fathers Ed was amazing! An easily digestible introduction to SO many topics. As someone who didn’t really know where to start, these classes provided me with a ton of great info. It was also really entertaining. At first my wife rolled her eyes at all the dad jokes, but by the end she was watching each video with me.

      43. D
        Daniel Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        My wife was rattled that I didn’t take the prenatal classes that were Via Zoom and I stumbled across your website and found it was significantly way more interesting to follow and digest the information. Had it playing on our TV and my wife loved the delivery of info.

      44. K
        Kate F. Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        100% recommend to any new family who is expecting. Easy and entertaining videos that can be watched after work. Covered a bunch of topics that other classes miss (like life insurance, car seat instillation, sleep schedules). Lots of prompts for conversations between partners to help mitigate future concerns and expectations. We signed up for three different online parenting/baby classes. This was easily the most comprehensive and the only one we stuck to watching.

      45. B
        Brendan H Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        This course was the perfect content presentation for a first time parent. It is insightful, whitty, not overly dense, and based on reputable resources. Before purchasing the course, I was nervous and unsure of how I could become more confident in my fatherly skills. If you are considering purchasing this course to figure out how be the best father possible, don’t hesitant and join the club. You won’t be disappointed!

      46. D
        Dayton Frost Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        FatherCraft helped me to get my priorities straight. As a new father I had a million ideas and concerns circulating my head constantly and with the help of a guided approach to becoming a new dad I felt as though I could handle the coming responsibility comfortably. I appreciate the work and time they have put into the program because I feel it helped equip me to be a new father. Never was I looking for perfection, just progression and thats what I felt after having invested my time into the wealth of wisdom found in this program. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for guidance into this crazy new world of being a parent !

      47. L
        Lorenzo A Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        If you are unsure if this course is for you, this is your sign to pull the trigger. My wife and I blew through this course because the content was easily engaging and kept us laughing throughout (who doesn’t love a good dad joke?!) We felt that it was a great step in our preparation as first time parents and loved that they even covered the gear needed and the things that aren’t necessary. The amount of items and information online now can be overwhelming but we really felt Father’s Ed weeded out the excess and kept things in perspective. We can’t recommend it enough! Sit back, grab your workbook, and get ready to laugh at Paul and John’s cheesy jokes!

      48. M
        Mike Garcar Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Great course that gave me all the pertinent information I was looking for. I completed the course feeling a lot more confident about what it takes to be a dad than I did prior to. The workbook you receive is also really helpful.

      49. J
        James Ingraham Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        I was initially nervous about spending money for a course when I already had read several books and attended childbirth classes. I am so glad I did! Having the videos with the workbook and checklists side by side really made me feel prepared, and prompted me (and my wife) to add some extra things to our todo list. As someone who has been making Dad jokes long before fatherhood, I appreciated John’s sense of humor. Great job, all! I will definitely recommend this to other Dads-to-be.

      50. J
        Joe Fortunato Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        My wife and I watched the entire video course together and on top of providing a wealth of helpful information, it led to us having some great conversations about parenting. The companion workbook is also a great resource that I fully expect to reference in the months to come. I’ve gone from feeling apprehensive for fatherhood to excited and prepared!

      51. M
        Mike Pelletier Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        I really appreciate the insight these folks have given all of us new fathers. It is refreshing to have a course directed at fathers created by fathers. Between the course and the reviews, I have felt confident in preparing for our new edition and taken a hands on approach in doing so. Thank you Fathercraft for all your help!

      52. N
        Nalu G Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        I just finished the course and I must admit, I am excited and feel a lot more prepared to become a father. The video course was detailed and humorous, with articles and sources for more in-depth research.Thanks Paul and John for a great resource!

      53. C
        Chris M Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Enjoyed the course, excellent insight for first time fatherhood. Down to earth, easy to digest advice that matters! Would definitely recommend to others, far better than sifting through all the parenthood books

      54. D
        Dan McNamara Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        I chose to use father’s Ed because most of my friends don’t have kids to give me advice, my parents are pretty crazy, I want to have a bigger role in my baby’s life than my father had in mine, I’m isolating due to covid, and I’m not surrounded by children in my day to day life.

        I felt father’s ed helped give me advice and information that will be useful for the first year of my child’s life and I feel less clueless now as a father in 2022.

      55. N
        Nate Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Father’s Ed brings both levity and focus to the practice of fatherhood, and I couldn’t be more thankful to Paul and company for creating easy-to-digest, highly informative content that helps make this important process much easier. Our world needs men who want to be active, involved fathers and partners, and the team at Fathercraft is really picking up the slack for the rest of us.

      56. S
        Sam Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        Getting the news that I will be a father was the most exciting and terrifying thing that could have happened to me. Fathers Ed was incredible, it teaches practical skills that give you confidence going into fatherhood, and advice about how you can support your partner through pregnancy and birth. The sleep module has been great as well. My kid is now 5 weeks old and the tips learned have helped her sleep well. I would definitely recommend.

      57. J
        Jorge V Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        As a soon-to-be father, this course was amazing. The information is very well presented and the added humor is a nice touch. I started watching them myself, but shortly after my wife became interested and we watch the videos together. Overall, I would recommend to any new fathers.

      58. P
        Prath Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        As an ecstatic father-to-be trying to get my hands on anything to help prepare me for the big day, I’m so grateful to have found Fathercraft. The materials and content were high quality and the perfect father-focused compliment to the various classes I was taking with my wife. I’d recommend Fathercraft to any new dad looking to be ready right out of the gate!

      59. A
        Andrew Verified Buyer Father’s Ed (Special Offer)

        The Fathercraft course was great! I found the course and videos very helpful and easy to follow/watch in the small chunks. You both definitely helped prepare me for my journey into Fatherhood and I can’t thank you both enough.

        You can tell that there was a lot of serious thought that went into crafting these videos. Big thanks to the team for working on this!

      60. K
        Kevin Cho Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        I am delighted to find Fathercraft. There are many sources of fatherhood information out there, but I argue that this one is the most helpful of all. I recommended to my friends, who are young fathers with infants. I am so happy that Father’s roles and responsibilities are so well described in Fathercraft lectures.

      61. H
        Hisham Verified Buyer Father’s Ed (Special Offer)

        As a first time dad I wasn’t sure what to expect and nervous about breaking my soon to come little human. I was also jealous of all the content and advise geared towards expectant mothers (rightly so!) so I was super excited to have come across this course, made by dads for dads!

        Definitely worth the money and time. The content is structured and organized in an easy to digest manner. The videos are short and sweet but packed with valuable information.

        Looking back I find the course was specifically great at easing my mind about what to expect and what is considered normal when the little human arrives.

        Added bonus was that the videos were as hilarious as they were educational and made my wife jealous when she heard me laugh out loud! 🙂

        Definitely recommend it for any first time dads out there overwhelmed with content and emotions!

      62. B
        Brandon Mitchell Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        New dads need this course. Practical, funny and distilled down to the essential elements – this course will arm you with the stuff you think you’ll need and more things you haven’t even thought of (e.g. life insurance and wills). I took this a few months back to prepare and am going through the video library again with my workbook on the run up to my baby’s arrival. Be the rock solid partner and dad extraordinaire your wife needs and arm yourself with Fathercraft. I’m ready. Are you?

      63. K
        Kyle Dickmann Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        My wife and I are expecting our first child in December. I really don’t have any parenting or newborn skills but obviously want to be a great Dad for my daughter. This course really does an awesome job building a solid foundation. Can’t thank you guys enough!

      64. S
        Stephen Surrells Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        The course is great. You can tell that the Fathercraft team has done a lot of research and put together a great resource. As a first time dad I’m always wondering if this is normal… this class has helped answer some of those questions. It doesn’t hurt that even my wife enjoyed watching the content. You can’t go wrong with this buying this course and maybe some merch. These guys are the Chick-Fil-A of Father related material.

      65. C
        Crew Spence Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        As a first-time father, I thought this was a great introduction to the ins and outs of taking care of a baby. I highly recommend.

      66. R
        Ryan Verified Buyer Father’s Ed (Special Offer)

        I thoroughly enjoyed going through these videos as I prepped for fatherhood! I loved the sense of humor and terribly awesome dad jokes. All while still providing important information along the way. It calmed my nerves and really made me feel prepared for what was to come.

        Getting prepared to be a first time dad was a daunting task. I didn’t even know where to begin. I’m not much of a reader but I read a book. That was ok… but not necessarily my style or how I learn best. I learn by seeing and doing. The visual/audio aspects of these videos really helped me absorb the information better. On top of that, the videos were broken up really nicely into common themes and short, specific videos. If I needed to revisit something, I could easily go back and find it. After taking the course

        I emailed them to provide feedback on the course and we have been in back and forth communication. Something I was not expecting when I first reached out! I can tell that they care a ton about this stuff and want to work to make it help as many dads to be as possible! Companies usually say “if you have questions about anything, please reach out” and that really turned out to be true with Fathercraft.

        I don’t normally give feedback or reviews… but when I feel like a product has been a “game-changer” or extremely helpful (like this course was for me) I like to do so! I suggest taking a look at their free videos online to get a feel for if these dads are a good fit for you. If so, the course felt like it was worth the money to me! My first experience with them was reviews of baby monitors which was extremely helpful!

      67. B
        Brandon Pittman Verified Buyer Father’s Ed + 3 Bonuses

        The Fathercraft course was a great learning experience (as a first time father). There is lots of good info (especially the sleep module) including knowledge that most baby info sources leave out (or haven’t caught up to the research on). It was money well-spent and an easy watch.

        If only it came with a personalized video greeting from The Beard Master…

      68. K
        Ken Sieloff Verified Buyer Father’s Ed (+ workbook)

        Father’s Ed is an invaluable resource that ALL new dads should utilize! John is entertaining and the information he delivers is science-based and incredibly important. I appreciate that the course is separated into short, manageable modules that can be watched and absorbed at my own pace. I feel so much more confident and prepared now than I did before working through this course. Thank you Paul and John for Father’s Ed!