Baby Sleep School


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Learn the strategies, techniques, tips & tricks to help your baby become a great sleeper. Course curriculum based on recommendations and interviews with pediatric sleep expert Dr. Natalie Barnett. Help the whole family sleep better.

Baby Sleep School

Learn how to make your baby a great sleeper.

  • Co-taught by a pediatric sleep expert — expert advice in an Australian accent from Dr. Barnett, PhD
  • 10 units of video content — a comprehensive curriculum with 1+ hours of video
  • Advice on gear — know what to buy and what to skip
  • In-depth workbook — 23 pages of actionable checklists & resources

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19 reviews for Baby Sleep School

  1. M
    Mike B Verified Buyer Baby Sleep School

    This was extremely helpful! My wife and I enjoyed all of the content and found it incredibly informative. I would highly recommend it!

  2. W
    Wendy Mamaclay Verified Buyer Baby Sleep School

    Love the format of it being a series of short videos and info is very easy to digest!

  3. P
    Paul Baby Sleep School

    Loved this! In fact, anything that FatherCraft touches is a must watch/read for me!

  4. K
    Kevin Mengus Baby Sleep School

    I really enjoyed the course and so did my wife even showed it to some friends who also learned a few trick. Well worth the money

  5. M
    Maria Baby Sleep School

    Amazing, useful content for new parents. You definitely made us feel less scared. Thank you!

  6. D
    Devon S Baby Sleep School

    Fantastic program. Especially being a first time parent. Though I’m sure all parents could learn something from the program. A definite must purchase. My wife and I learned a lot.

  7. K
    Kendall Baby Sleep School

    Really helpful information and fun to watch with my partner.

  8. R
    Rebecca K. Baby Sleep School

    I purchased this for my son when he and his wife were preparing for their first baby. It proved to be a terrific advantage for him with regard to knowledge and confidence needed for fatherhood. Great job, guys!!! You’re providing a great service that benefits us all! Best gift I can think of for an expectant or new father. Bravo!

  9. P
    Paul H Baby Sleep School

    Friendly faces, humorous and insightful. Love all your content!

  10. B
    Bryan Baby Sleep School

    Excellent resource for new fathers.

  11. W
    Will Sab Baby Sleep School

    Great content and very entertaining videos. These guys take the stress away and have a very thoughtful approach to their teachings. I feel way more prepared now after having purchased their lessons. Think MasterClass but for dads.

  12. G
    Gregory Broas Baby Sleep School

    You guys are great! thank you so much for taking the time to teach new dads how to be better!

  13. O
    Olga Gilbert Baby Sleep School

    I can’t say that this course can replace sleep consultant, but it definitely is very helpful and has a lot of information about infant sleep basics. Definitely very helpful for new parents!

  14. S
    Scott N Baby Sleep School

    Coming into the kid thing blind you quickly realize how much you don’t know. Besides tips on how to get your mini me to sleep, more than anything this course helped me realize what was “normal” sleep behavior and what wasn’t. Although we sincerely valued the course, after falling short with baby sleep tactics, we ultimately hired a sleep consultant which was very helpful and realized how much everything in sleep school really does have to play in concert with each other. Love the aim- Dads (but not exclusive of all interested parents) who just want some plain language on how to best care for their new edition. Nice one fellas.

  15. A
    Al K. Baby Sleep School

    Very helpful and full of information!

  16. K
    Kenny F Baby Sleep School

    Insightful and speaks regular language to you about how to make sure that your baby sleeps safe and what to expect regarding sleep.

  17. L
    Louis Carosello Verified Buyer Baby Sleep School

    I ordered the sleep course as a present. The friend I sent it to absolutely loved it and said it was a life saver. He said it was one of the only gifts he got any use out of!

  18. S
    Sam Kotler Baby Sleep School

    This course provided excellent foundational knowledge for baby sleep which was super helpful as a new dad. I also loved that the information was presented in a colloquial, entertaining way that made it easy to digest. Highly recommend!

  19. S
    Sean Y Baby Sleep School

    Found it extremely useful. Well organised content! It’s great to see parenting courses that cater to dads!

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