Parenting. Not Just For Moms Anymore. Mug.


Caffeinate in style while fighting the patriarchy. Because this mess won’t clean itself and your wife is probably already doing something useful.


Parenting. Not Just For Moms Anymore. Mug.

Declare your commitment to being a man who’s into this parenting thing. Poke fun at gender stereotypes. Passive aggressively tell the world that you know not to put your baby on the washing machine even though that gentle jiggle motion is incredibly soothing that shit is unsafe and you wouldn’t dare.  Do it all with this simple message printed on a mug that also happens to enable coffee drinking. Because … yeah.

Ceramic mug. Microwave and dishwasher safe because that pour over with bespoke high-altitude beans  that you spent 15 minutes crafting will get cold. And you won’t need more stuff to wash by hand.

Available in 11oz or 15oz sizes.


11oz, 15oz


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