A NoseFrida Video Review and Testing on an Adult | Fathercraft

May 26, 2018

The NoseFrida from Fridababy is a very efficient device to remove snot from your child’s nose. Every father should have one. In this review though, we are testing it on adults.

The packaging includes a plastic extraction device, a saline nasal spry, and three disposable filters. You can buy a replacement filter box that comes with 20 filters. The waste is captured and stored in a discharge tube. The filter prevents your baby from ingesting any nasal discharge. Trying it as a father was not very efficient, but the NoseFrida is for babies and their small nostrils. To avoid injury or making your child uncomfortable, make sure not to stick the NoseFrida too far up into your baby’s nose. As an adult, it feels awkward and uncomfortable, but it works extremely well on babies. Try it and see for yourself.

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