Build a DIY baby monitor floor stand [how to]

Jun 28, 2020

We break down exactly how you can build your own DIY baby monitor floor stand.

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Tablet stand option #1 (about $79 on Amazon*): 
Tablet stand option #2 (about $28 on Amazon*): 
Tablet stand option #3 (about $64 on Amazon*):

Nanit Plus, our favorite monitor:

Miku, our runner up:

Are you looking for a floor stand for your birds-eye-view baby monitor, but coming up empty when you try to find one? Or finding they’re extremely expensive?

Are you a DIYer dad who wants to build some cool stuff?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, John shows you how to use easily available materials to build your own infinitely-adjustable DIY monitor stand.

SAFETY NOTE: all cords should be firmly secured and unsecured cords should be at least 3 fee from the crib.

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