SIDS Prevention, as described by these stuffed polar bears.

Jan 23, 2018

SIDS and SUID are very important issues. As a father, you should be aware of how to prevent SIDS and SUID to ensure your child’s safety. Make sure to always place your child on their back and on a solid surface – nothing too mushy or too soft.

Do this every time and all the time, wherever your child sleeps (inside a crib or somewhere else if you are traveling). Letting your baby sleep with a pacifier is not an issue and it will probably ease their sleep as well. The most important factor is to have your child sleep in the bedroom where you sleep for at least the first 6 months of their life. This will allow you to monitor your baby at a glance and make sure they are on their back at all times. Do not add or place anything around your child. No stuffed animals, no blanket, and nothing else that could disrupt your child’s sleep. It’s easy to want to cuddle your newborn. As a new father you might want to get your infant as close to you as possible. This is perfectly normal, just don’t cuddle too hard or have your baby sleep in the same bed as you.

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