Woombie Review

Oct 19, 2018

Let’s have a look at Woombie. Woombie is a single step baby swaddle, which means you only need one step to operate it. We really like that at Fathercraft. It seemed super convenient at the start and we thought we had a winner.

But there’s a snap and zipper, so it’s not much of a one-step swaddle. Anyway, this swaddle is supposed to be soothing because there’s enough room for your baby hold and touch their hands inside the swaddle. The fabric is breathable and promotes air flow to avoid overheating. There’s a two-way zipper, so you can zip and unzip the swaddle from the top or from the bottom. It might be a little difficult to put on if your baby wiggles a lot or if your baby is over 19 pounds, which is the Woombie’s weight limit. A baby close to or over 19 pounds will not fit well in this swaddle or fit their hands inside of it. Something to keep in mind.
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