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Abby & Finn Diapers and Wipes Review

Abby & Finn is one of a new breed of direct-to-your-door diaper companies that’s sprung up since Jessica Alba’s Honest Company got things started all those years ago.

There’s no doubt shipped to your door subscriptions can be convenient.

But, how well does it work? And, does Abby & Finn compare to other brands like Hello Bello, Dyper, and Honest Company?

Read on and we’ll reveal all in our Abby & Finn diapers and wipes review. HINT: there are two big things about Abby and Finn that are a big deal to us.

Abby and Finnā€”the basics, explained

Abby and Finn is a simple concept: deliver the diapers you need, to your door, on the cadence you want.

The company calls this bundling. You build your bundle, choose your frequency, and they’re shipped to you free every 2, 3, 4, or 5 weeks.

You can adjust your bundle at any point in your subscription if you find you need more or less of something or you need to switch sizes.

Bundles can include just diapers, or diapers and wipes, and you can include two sizes of diapers if your baby is getting close to the point of moving up.

And that’s it! Simple. As is the ordering processā€”they’ve got a great, easy to use website.

But, let’s talk about the products.

Abby & Finn products

Abby and Finn sells just two products: 1: diapers. 2: wipes. (Though, they did just partner with Motherlove to begin offering diaper rash cream and baby balm (lotion) on their website.

Abby & Finn diapers

Diapers are sold in standard sizes, which go from 1 (newborn up to 12 lbs) to 6 (35+ lbs). Interestingly (and also making good sense) the number of diapers in a pack decreases from 66 at size 1 to 40 at size 6. This will make a lot of sense to any parents out there with kids old enough to have experienced the joy of consuming fewer diapers as your baby gets older.

You can choose your Abby & Finn diapers in one of four patternsā€”bloom, pinwheel, woodland, sea life (sea life is my favorite, so everyone should choose that šŸ™‚ ), or plain white. I find plain white diapers look a bit odd, but maybe that’s just me.

But, much more important than what they look like is what they’re made out of. Abby & Finn diapers are free of chlorine, fragrances, latex, lotions, and dyes. They’re also designed to be soft and absorbent (both of which we can attest to).

Abby & Finn wipes

An open Abby and Finn wipes container

If you aren’t a parent yet, it’s worth noting that the right wipes are a big deal. And, I like to think of myself as kind of a connoisseur because I have serious texture issues (don’t ask). The texture, the degree of how damp they are, the ease of getting them out of the containerā€”all a big deal.

Wipes from Abby and Finn come in packs of 72 with a flip-top lid that snaps closed after each use to keep them from drying out. They’re made in New Zealand, which sounds pretty random to us, but more importantly they’re made with purposeful, clean ingredients just like the diapers: purified water, natural amino soybean acid, organic aloe vera, and Vitamin E.

Travel wipes packs

You can also buy Abby & Finn wipes in travel packs. Travel packs are key, people. One big difference of Abby & Finn vs Honest Company is with the travel wipes container: 20 wipes with A&F, 10 with Honest Co, and flip/snap lid for Abby & Finn, stick-n-peel with Honest Company. (This is a big win for Abby & Finn.)

One more big thing about Abby & Finnā€”the mission

There’s another big component to Abby & Finnā€”they’re pretty front-and-center about the company’s mission, and it’s one we heartily applaud: helping families who are struggling financially by donating their diapers. For every subscription box of diapers purchased, the company donates 30 diapers to a family in need. And this adds up fast: the company has donated 1.4 million diapers to date.

This is really freakin cool. As a parent I 1) know that the cost of diapers adds up (and, in fact, surveys have shown that 1 in 3 American families struggles to afford diapers) and 2) it makes my heart hurt to think about families out there who are struggling to make sure their babies have clean, dry diapers.

A huge kudos, Abby & Finn.

Our Abby and Finn reviews

Note: reviews, plural, because we got the opportunity to test Abby and Finn diapers and wipes with two kids: Ruby, my 3-year-old, and Calvin, John’s 2-year-old.

Alright, let’s dive right in. Starting with …

The awesome

Diaper fit & absorbency. No diaper is ever going to prevent every single blowout, but we found Abby and Finn diapers to be quite absorbentā€”at least as good as Honest Company. They fit well and were easy to maneuver on.

John added a specific note to this section that Calvin, who is known in his household for wetting through several major diaper brands overnight, woke up dry every night with Abby & Finn diapers during testing.

Strength of tabs. A key part of keeping diapers on are the little sticky tabs that wrap around and attach the back to the front. We found these to stick well and we didn’t have any fails hereā€”either at the sticky part or the thin band of material that attaches the tab to the back of the diaper.

Ease of use of the service. The website works well. It’s simple. The subscription service is flexible and practicalā€”just like you’d want it to work.

Texture of wipes. For me, Abby and Finn wipes had the perfect texture. Soft, but with enough, well, texture to help with messy cleanings.

Moisture content & wipe ingredients. Recently, Honest Company switched their formula for wipes. They now have a weird smell and are, in my opinion (and my wife’s), way too wet. Abby & Finn wipes, on the other hand, are just damp enough to get the job done and are odor free.

[Side noteā€”handiness of clean-ingredient wipes] Since Abby & Finn wipes are free of weird ingredients, you can use them for wiping more than little bottoms. As your baby gets older, this is key. Use them as a face wipe after a messy meal or even for a quick high chair wipe down. Whichever brand of wipes you end up choosing, you’ll want one that becomes multi-purpose as your child gets older.

Price. Typically, when you think about all-natural products you think: more expensive. But, Abby & Finn has kept their prices quite reasonable. More on that below.

The wish it was different

My list of things I wish was different about Abby & Finn is pretty darn short.

A limited product selection. Abby & Finn sells just two things they makeā€”diapers, and wipes. (Though, as we noted, they did recently start offering a diaper balm and skin balm through a partnership, which is goodā€”you’re definitely going to want these two things for your baby, and it looks like they’ve carefully selected a natural brand, and even more recently, in March 2020, they added shampoo/bodywash, conditioner, and bubble bath from another natural baby brand Fresh Monster.

Another thing Abby and Finn doesn’t currently offer is pull-ups (the slide on/off diapers that come in handy when you approach potty training time.

We don’t consider either of these to be that big a dealā€”it’s easy to find other brands when you need them. And, we actually tested Abby & Finn diapers with Ruby while she was potty training, she was able to slide them up and down pretty easily and the tabs stayed intact.

Are the wipes packages recyclable? One of Abby & Finn’s selling points is that they’re eco-friendly. But there’s no indication on the wipes packages of whether it can be recycled.

One slightly confusing order experience. This may have been a one-off issue, but I ordered a one off box as opposed to a subscription as part of testing, and my shipping confirmation email came after I had already received my box, causing me to think I’d accidentally signed up for a subscription. Customer service was prompt and friendly in assuring me I hadn’t.

A verdict

We really dig this company. The products are thoughtful and natural, the experience is great, and the mission-driven nature of the business makes you feel great about what you’re buying.

Highly recommended.

Pricing & where to buy

How much are Abby and Finn diapers?

Abby & Finn diapers cost $0.29 per diaper when you 1) bundle them as a subscription and 2) take the average price across their available sizes. This is about 10 cents cheaper than Honest Company and Seventh Generation, and about the same as Hello Bello.

Since the subscription is part of the appeal here, that makes sense, and it’s also nice that diapers are the cheapest per diaper at smaller sizes, when you’ll go through the most.

How much are Abby and Finn wipes?

You can buy wipes on a one-off basis for $15 for 4 packs of 72 (or about 5 cents per wipe) or $10 for 5 travel packs (10 cents per wipe).

How much do you save with a subscription?

By bundling diapers and wipes in a subscription, you get 3 bags of diapers and 4 packages of wipes for $55. If you purchased this same amount one-off, you’d pay $60, so you’ll save 5 bucks a box (you can also get $10 off your first box by clicking the little banner in the lower-left corner of the Abby & Finn website).

Abby & Finn vs Honest Company

We’ve been big Honest Company fans for a long time. And, we still like a lot of their products (bottom spray makes our list of essential newborn products). But …

As we alluded to earlier, Honest Company changed their wipes formula, and it’s a non-starter for us. That point alone is enough for us to make the switch to Abby & Finn, but add in the cheaper prices and the Abby & Finn mission and it’s an easy switch.

Here’s my wife Jamee with a few more thoughts:

I could use either/or between Honest Company and Abby & Finn diapers, but wouldn’t use Honest Company wipes anymore. I thought Abby & Finn diapers were cute too.

Sometimes with Honest Company diapers, we found that diapers would rip at the attachment tabs, we wondered if this was due to Honest Company’s large scale causing defective batches. Something we noticed about Abby & Finn, even with Ruby being older and pulling diapers up and down like a pull-up, the Abby & Finn tabs kept working and not breaking.

Abby & Finn wipes felt like Honest Company wipes used to; you didn’t have to use as many, it felt easier to get babies clean, and they didn’t feel as saturated with stuff like Honest Co wipes currently do.

The only downside I see is the fact they only have diapers and wipes (at least so far), which makes them less of a one-stop-shop than Honest Company.

What’s next?

Well, that’s all we have for you. We hope this was helpful.

Due to how much we liked Abby & Finn products, we’ve replaced Honest Company as our go-to brand recommendation in our newborn and baby essential products list. You can find the full list of recommended products here.

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