Our Taste Test (Literally) of Bobbie Baby Formula

The stress of feeding babies is not something people often think about. Having kids is stressful, sure, but feeding is almost a given, right? Either your partner will breastfeed, or if that’s not an option, you make formula and feed your baby every couple of hours.

Well, here at Fathercraft, we’ve learned that it’s not always that plain and simple after all. Our kids have gone through reflux and allergies, and parents through stress and worry. “Do I have enough pumped breastmilk in the freezer? Will my baby have a reaction to this product? Is it safe to feed my baby formula?” These are the questions that started to emerge as we uncovered how much work feeding can be.

We’re here to put away those feeding worries before they even begin, because we’ve found an awesome product: Bobbie baby formula! This is our in-depth review that will walk you through some things we love about the formula, and that will certainly leave you more confident in feeding your baby.

Editor’s note: we received enough Bobbie formula for the review, along with some swag free from the manufacturer. However, Bobbie had no say in the content of this review, and we were not compensated in any way for it. More on our policies here.

Check out our video review:

Before we dive in, check out our video review of Bobbie baby formula. Well, candidly, this is more like a short, weird film that includes Bobbie than a review, but still, we think you’ll enjoy.

What is Bobbie? What makes it different?

Ingredients and recipe

Bobbie is an organic infant formula that is made of a milk-based powder with iron. Here are the quick facts about the Bobbie Formula:

  • No corn syrup and no palm oil
  • Certified USDA Organic and non-GMO (made without genetically modified ingredients, synthetic pesticides, or fertilizers)
  • Made with pasture raised dairy, which means cows spend an average of 42% more time on a pasture than USDA organic requirements
  • Has DHA Omega-3 (a.k.a. algae sourced, water extracted fatty acids [a.k.a. good brain oils])
  • Contains a healthy blend of fats which are modeled after those found in breast milk
  • Has the same whey and casein profile as breastmilk (60:40), whereas cow’s milk protein has a 20:80 whey to casein ratio.
A pair of hands holding a can of Bobbie baby formula
A can of Bobbie Formula

Bobbie baby formula comes in 400g cans that you can either buy as a one-time purchase or sign up for a monthly delivery. You can buy anywhere from 2-10 cans at a time depending on your needs.

Bobbie follows a European style recipe that is directly modeled after breastmilk. The Bobbie formula follows an exact 57% carbohydrate, 28% fats, 11% proteins, 2% vitamins/minerals formula to get as close to the breastmilk profile as possible. So when you ask: is formula safe for my infant? These ingredients and balance sure go a long way in adding comfort!

Check out Bobbie’s awesome ingredients dossier on their website.

Great ingredients, awesome team.

One of the things that really makes Bobbie stand out for us is the team behind the product. Bobbie was started by a group of moms with amazing stories to share. Their struggles of feeling guilt for using formula with their baby really resonated with us here at Fathercraft.

Bobbie’s mission is to dispel the guilt and negative connotation of feeding formula by creating the best breastmilk alternative there is. Their story will inspire you to make the right choice for your family if breast feeding isn’t the option. Check it out here!

Along with their awesome story, they are giving back to underserved communities by partnering with Baby2Baby, which is an organization dedicated to providing basic essentials to children in poverty in the US.

A guy holding up a Bobbie baby formula sweatshirt
Thanks for the shirt, Bobbie!

Fun fact: the name Bobbie is what the founder, Laura’s, child called her bottle… Cute!

How do I use Bobbie formula?

Formula and feeding prep

There are a few steps that you should always follow when preparing formula for your baby, such as washing your hands thoroughly, using sterilized feeding equipment, and clean water. Bobbie has a checklist of their own, which we went ahead and copied here for you:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Use sterilized water, bottles, and nipples.
  3. Add water, then powder (adding powder first won’t leave room in the bottle to measure the correct amount of water). Using the included scoop, add one unpacked level scoop of powder for every 2 fl. oz. of warm water (100°F).
  4. Shake to mix thoroughly
  5. Discard any unfinished formula one hour after feeding begins
A can of Bobbie formula on a table
A 400g can of Bobbie

Best by dates and allergies

An important reminder for parents feeding their baby formula is to always check the ‘best before’ date printed on the can. Each can should last you about three days if you are only feeding formula, but if you are splitting 50/50 you can get by with a can per week.

If you have concerns with food allergies in your infant, please contact your baby’s pediatrician. Bobbie is not suitable for children with milk or soy allergens, but it is gluten free, palm oil free, non-GMO, maltodextrin free, and has 0 added natural or artificial flavors and colors.

The Awesome, the Wish it were Different, and the Verdict

The Awesome

We are a huge fan of the ingredient list that Bobbie boasts. Feeding formula to our babies was never a huge issue, but it certainly does help when the formula composition mimics the real stuff. We feel great about the pasture-raised cows, the fatty acids, and lack of nasty stuff (corn syrup, palm oil, artificial flavors). We like understanding what is going down on the ingredient list, don’t you?

The awesomeness in the ingredients doesn’t stop there though, because Bobbie sources everything sustainably. Everything is manufactured in Vermont, and there is a priority to source ingredients from local farms, family run businesses, and small batch operations in the US.

The Bobbie team has been wonderful to us. We’ve chatted with them and tried their formula (John literally drank some), and have just been pleased with all interactions. This is a company that you can feel good about from ingredients to people.

The Wish it were Different

Here at Fathercraft, we like to do thorough research. John took that thoroughness to the next level and gave Bobbie a taste test… not his cup of milk.

Pouring Bobbie baby formula into a glass for a taste test
John fixing himself a glass of Bobbie… yikes…

But in all seriousness, there aren’t many things to say in this category. From now on, we’ll keep the formula tasting to the ones that like it— the babies!

The Verdict

Bobbie is like the Patagonia of baby formula. The team is awesome, the ingredients are healthy and natural, everything is sustainably sourced, and their mission is inspiring.

We reject the notion that feeding your baby formula is bad. So many moms on the Bobbie team went through periods of guilt and grief thinking they couldn’t provide for their baby in the form of feeding, but they quickly realized it was ok. Your baby will still grow up healthy and happy if they drink formula, we promise!

At the end of the day, we aren’t here to tell you that one feeding method is better than the other. It’s up to you to decide what works best for your baby and family. But, if you are looking for options, Bobbie is a great place to start.

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