The scene in our kitchen after our daughter played in her kid cabinet

End Cabinet Wars with the Kid Cabinet

At around the time of crawling and babyproofing you will notice your cabinets have an amazing allure for your child – one of the primary reasons adding locks or latches to any cabinet with potentially dangerous items is so important.

You’ll also notice that all of your locks had better work well because your child will do his or her best to get into every cabinet you own and use handles or drawer pulls to pull up to a standing position.

If this seems like a never-ending battle to wrest control of cabinets from one another, give yourself the upper hand by ceding some territory. Designating one cabinet a ‘kid cabinet’ and filling it with things that are safe and fun for your child will help with one or more of the following:

  • decreasing the frustration that some kids experience when they can’t get into cabinets
  • reducing the number of ever more clever attempts your child makes to open ‘kid-proof’ locks, latches or closures
  • creating another fun, safe activity for your child to do in close proximity to you when you’re in the kitchen

Here’s a look at the (relatively tame for our house) scene after our daughter played in her kid cabinet:

The scene in our kitchen after our daughter played in her kid cabinet

Fortunately, cleanup is fast and easy – just stick everything back into the cabinet in whatever order you pick it up in.

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