A Motorola Halo Plus Review

Ah, the Motorola Halo+ …

It’s got something that we get asked A LOT here at Fathercraft: what’s the best baby monitor with an app and a parent unit? Or, said a different way, what’s the best wifi baby monitor that also offers a standalone parent unit in case you don’t want to use your phone?

Well, the Halo Plus does include both of those things. You’ll get a standalone parent unit, but you can also connect to this monitor from a smartphone app.

But, is it any good? John finds out in this of the Motorola Halo Plus review …

So, sorry to disappoint, but the Halo Plus is not the droid you’re looking for.

And, honestly, we haven’t found any monitor that fulfills this promise.

Your best bet in our opinion? The Nanit Plus + an Echo Show.

Explore all of our baby monitor reviews, plus our pick for best baby monitor right here.

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