Best 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for expecting and new parents

Best 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for expecting and new parents

Well, holiday shopping craziness is here. And it’s 2020, which means … well, we don’t need to go into that. But the good news is that instead of standing in lines at stores, the deals are coming to you online. And all of the Cyber Monday deals you used to have to wait for are now available by the time Black Friday rolls around, or even earlier in some cases.

Here at Fathercraft, we’ve rounded up a curated list of our favorite Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for expecting parents and new parents, and parents of young kids, so you can know what baby items to buy on Black Friday. We’ve personally pulled together what we think are the best deals from products we’ve tested, reviewed, or are top-rated, and we cover strollers, baby carriers, smart cribs, baby monitors, feeding supplies and more!

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So, here we go, the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals of 2020:

25% off the Snoo Smart Sleeper from Happiest Baby

The Snoo, a robotic bassinet that helps your baby (and you) sleep better, has been one of our top recommendations for new parents for the last 4 years. Simply put, it’s awesome, it works, you should get one if you can.

But, it’s also expensive and rarely goes on sale. Which is the Snoo being 25% off for Black Friday is so special.

Get 25% off the Snoo (note: sale runs 11/26 — 11/29)

20% off the Nanit Plus baby monitor

Our all-time favorite baby monitor, the Nanit Plus is on sale, with their best deal ever. Get 20% off on our perennial favorite camera, and sitewide.

Shop Nanit Plus

Dates for this deal: 11/25 — 12/1/2020

20% Willow wearable breast pump

A former Time Magazine Invention of the Year winner, our reviewers loved just how handy Willow Pump was (or handsfree, that is). Basically, it allowed them to do just about anything while pumping, and did it quietly and in a spill proof manner.

Shop Willow Pump at 20% off

Read our Willow Pump review

Save $50 on the Miku Baby Monitor

The Miku is one of our favorite baby monitors … it’s got serious high-tech under the hood, looks great, and monitors breathing without the use of wearables.

A Miku baby monitor on a table with an alarm clock

Shop Miku and get 40% off

This deal runs 11/24 – 12/1/2020

Save $30 on a play gym, + up to 10% off when you prepay for a Lovevery Play Kit Subscription

Lovevery’s Montessori-inspired subscription toy kits contain high-quality toys that take the guesswork out of choosing brain-friendly toy for your baby or toddler. You’ll get a new kit every 3 months full of well-made toys.

Through 11/29, get $30 off a play gym, AND save up to 10% when you pre-pay for one of their subscription play kit boxes.

Shop Lovevery and save

20% off a Newton crib mattress

Netwon Baby’s crib mattress is designed to be ultra safe (it’s ‘breathe-through’, meaning, according to the company, if your baby rolls onto her stomach she should be able to breathe through the mattress), plus it’s lightweight, hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and holds up for years — and is comfortable enough to transition to a toddler mattress and beyond.

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, save 20% on a Newton mattress, 11/26 — 12/1.

Shop Newton mattress and save 20%

10% of sales donated to Baby2Baby for Mockingbird Strollers

We’re in the process of reviewing the Mockingbird single-to-double stroller right now, and, spoiler alert: we like it. A lot. What’s single-to-double, you ask? Well, it’s starts as a stroller for your baby. But, let’s say you decide … ya know, a second one of these kid things would be nice. Well, convert your stroller to a double to house your new baby and your toddler. Boom. Mockingbird is doing their Black Friday a bit different this year. You’ll pay the same price you usually do BUT Mockingbird will donate 10% of the sale to Baby2Baby, a great charity.

Shop Mockingbird, they’ll donate to Baby2Baby

Note: this donation offer applies on Black Friday itself, only.

Get up to 4 months free on Kiwi Crates (and Koala Crates, and … all of them)

Kiwi Crate was the original subscription box service for little kids. And, it’s still one of the absolute best. Thoughtfully-designed, includes fun, educational cartoons, and mind-expanding projects that will keep your little one busy for a long time.

Shop Kiwi Crate, get up to 4 months free

25% off the Formula Pro Advanced (+ more deals from Baby Brezza)

If you’re planning on Formula feeding, we strongly recommend the Formula Pro Advanced. It makes middle of the night feedings a whole lot more manageable.

Shop the Formula Pro Advanced, get 25% off

Save with bundles from Colugo

Our favorite compact stroller, the Colugo Compact, isn’t on sale this year, BUT, you can still save with Colugo’s bundles. And, with their already-great prices and thoughtful design touches like ‘maginetic’ buckles, they’re worth checking out.

Save $45 with the Colugo On the Go bundle

Save $100 with the Colugo Complete Travel System bundle

Get a free gift with your first diapers & wipes bundle from Abby & Finn

We recently updated the recommendation we make in our Baby Essentials List for diapers and wipes from Honest Company to Abby & Finn, a new Honest Company competitor focused on using natural, good-for-the-skin ingredients & convenient to-your-door subscription delivery. Simply put, we like them better, and we also love the company’s mission: to donate 1 million diapers per year to families in need.

Get a free gift ($14.95 value) when you purchase a diapers & wipes subscription from Abby & Finn

$75 off an Owlet Sock & Monitor

If you’re into measuring your baby’s vitals, Owlet is the gold standard. In fact, our testers had a nurse use professional-grade equipment next to it and found accuracy was extremely good.

Owlet baby monitor on a table with a plant

For Cyber Monday, get $75 off a sock/monitor combo.

Get $75 off an Owlet monitoring system

And, that’s a wrap! There are tons of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals out there for new parents and parents-to-be, but there’s also tons of stuff you just don’t need for your baby, so, we’re sticking to the best of the best.

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