Best 2023 Black Friday/Cyber Monday baby monitor and baby gear deals

Well, it’s almost time for the Black Friday / Cyber Monday mashup. And it’s 2023, which means … well, early Black Friday deals are often available earlier than ever, and the deals for baby monitors, baby gear, strollers, and more are coming to you online.

Here at Fathercraft, we’ve rounded up a curated list of our favorite Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for expecting parents and new parents, and parents of young kids. We’ve personally pulled together the best deals from products we’ve tested, reviewed, or are top-rated. You’ll find Black Friday baby monitor deals, Cyber Monday baby deals, strollers, smart cribs, feeding supplies and more baby gear sales!

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So, here we go, the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals of 2023: scan through ’em all or here they are, broken down by category:

The best Black Friday baby monitor deals of 2023

30% off site wide for the Nanit Black Friday sale

Our all-time favorite baby monitor, the Nanit Pro is on sale for Black Friday & Cyber Monday, with their best deal ever. Get 30% off site wide, starting 11/20 during the Nanit Black Friday sale. BUT, you can get early access to the sale starting Friday, 11/17 using code MAGIC30 right here.

Shop The Nanit Pro (**note: Nanit has a preview bundles sale live now**)

Save up to $122 on an Owlet package

We recently re-reviewed the Owlet, with all of the upgrades they’ve made, and were quite impressed.

A close up view of the 3rd generation Owlet sock

For 2023 Black Friday, you can save up to $122 on Owlet — on their Dream Duo 2 Sock/Camera package, $100 of the first-generation Dream 1 Sock and Cam, and $60 off an Owlet Cam.

Shop Owlet Black Friday. (Sale starts 11/20.)

Up to $90 off a Cubo Ai Baby Monitor for Black Friday

Cubo is one of our favorite baby monitors in the less expensive category. They’re innovative and constantly improving. For Black Friday, you can save $30 off a wall-mounted Cubo, or $70 off a Cubo bundle with 3 different stand options. Plus, add an additional $20 to your savings when you use code CUBOCRAFT at checkout. Head on over to Cubo’s website and be sure to enter CUBOCRAFT when you check out.

Crib and Bassinet Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals 2023

Snoo Black Friday sale and Happiest Baby Early Cyber Monday Deals

Happiest Baby, makers of The Snoo smart bassinet, are starting their Black Friday sale on 11/16. Use this link for 30% off SNOO, and up to 60% off site wide. It doesn’t go lower than this, folks.

First, you can save 30% on a Snoo during the Snoo Black Friday 2023 sale. The Snoo hardly ever goes on sale, and this is the most its ever discounted. So, if you’re thinking about buying one, now’s the time, right over here. Even with the discount, Snoo can be expensive, so renting is still a good option, you can learn more about renting here.

You can get up to 60% off Snoo accessories, too: leg lifters, sheet bundles, and Sleepea bundles (the last one is for standalone swaddling), plus great deals on other Happiest Baby products.

Shop the Snoo Black Friday sale (live now!)

Up to $700 (35%) off Cradlewise Black Friday sale

Cradlewise is the relatively new kid on the block when it comes to smart cribs. Similar to the Snoo, it uses a combination of motion and white noise to soothe your baby. There are some big differences though—the Snoo’s “wings” prevent your baby from rolling over when sleeping, and are designed to ensure your baby remains on her back, which is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as the safest sleep position. Cradlewise focuses on a more traditional firm mattress plus ventilated crib sides for safety, and has some interesting features Snoo does not, such as a built in baby monitor and a larger size, which can accommodate your child for up to 2 years (vs 6 months for the Snoo).

For this year’s Black Friday sale, Cradlewise is offering up to $700 off retail price. The sale will be live from 11/17 – 11/29. But, if you head over to the Cradlewise site you can sign up for early access to the sale starting now.

20% off a Newton crib mattress

Netwon Baby’s crib mattress is designed to be ultra safe (it’s ‘breathe-through’, meaning, according to the company, if your baby rolls onto her stomach she should be able to breathe through the mattress), plus it’s lightweight, hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and holds up for years — and is comfortable enough to transition to a toddler mattress and beyond.

Newton’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale allows save 20% on a Newton mattress and site wide. Head over to the Newton site, wait for the pop up, and you can get access starting now.

Shop Newton mattress and save 20%

Stroller deals

20% off everything at Colugo

Colugo makes our favorite compact stroller—the Colugo Compact. And, they just released their new full-size stroller The One. We haven’t tested it yet, but we’re big Colugo fans around here.

Colugo Compact Stroller Review

Shop Colugo, get 20% off starting 11/20.

Mockingbird’s first-ever Black Friday sale

In the past, Mockingbird, which makes our favorite single-to-double stroller (because, let’s face it, you’re probably not just going to have one kid), hasn’t had a Black Friday sale. That changes this year.

You can grab a Mockingbird stroller for $50 off here starting 11/21.

Even more Black Friday baby gear deals for 2023

Save $200 on the Fathercraft Dad-to-Be Bundle

Our own Black Friday sale is officially on! You can save on The Fathercraft Bag, our dad bag, Father’s Ed — our flagship online video course for expecting dads, and the Better Baby Sleep Bootcamp — our online class on better baby sleep. Or, you can get everything in one package perfect for the expecting dad: the Fathercraft Dad-to-Be bundle. When you get the bundle, you’ll also get 3 bonuses. And just for Black Friday, get a Happiest Baby Snoobie white noise machine ($69.95 value).

Shop the Fathercraft Dad-to-Be Bundle.

25% off the Willow wearable breast pump

A former Time Magazine Invention of the Year winner, our reviewers loved just how handy (or handsfree, that is) Willow Pump was. Basically, it allowed them to do just about anything while pumping, and did it quietly and in a spill proof manner.

Shop Willow Pump and get 25% off

Read our Willow Pump review

Save big on Molekule Air Purifiers

Why an air purifier on a list of the best baby gear deals for Black Friday? Well, with wildfires, increased pollution, and everything else going on in the world, indoor air quality is becoming an increased concern. Plus, you know, babies can be kind of stinky. We recently reviewed the Molekule Air Mini+. Spoiler alert, it’s awesome.

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday, you can save 25% on all of Molekule’s purifiers, including the Air Mini+.

Save on Kiwi Crates (and Koala Crates, and … all of them)

Kiwi Crate was the original subscription box service for little kids. And, it’s still one of the absolute best. Thoughtfully-designed, includes fun, educational cartoons, and mind-expanding projects that will keep your little one busy for a long time.

KiwiCo has two sales that are live right now—you can use code GIFT to get 20% off a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription, or to get your first box for just $4.95.

Shop Kiwi Crate, save up to 30%

Save $30 on a Lovevery Play Kit Subscription

Lovevery’s Montessori-inspired subscription toy kits contain high-quality toys that take the guesswork out of choosing brain-friendly toy for your baby or toddler. You’ll get a new kit every 3 months full of well-made toys.

Through 11/28, get $30 off a subscription play kit boxes with code FUN30.

Shop Lovevery and save

And, that’s a wrap! There are tons of Black Friday/Cyber Monday baby deals out there for new parents and parents-to-be, but there’s also tons of stuff you just don’t need for your baby, so, we’re sticking to the best of the best.

If you’re overwhelmed by all of the baby gear out there, you can see our full list of what actually constitutes essential gear for babies here.

And, continue the search for that perfect new dad gift right here.

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